Member Update: Amendments to US Club Soccer Policy Manual

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Member Update: Amendments to US Club Soccer Policy Manual


US Club Soccer’s Board of Directors unanimously approved revisions to the Policy Manual on Sept. 6, 2016, as follows:

  1. Formatting and Consolidation. This involved the consolidation of several documents/attachments into one unified document, and the associated revisions to some of the section headers and policy numbers. This is a formatting revision only; the content of the policies did not change.
  2. Risk management/background screening. These revisions are contained within Section 13 (Risk Management) on pages 13-16, and Policy 15.01(a) on page 21, which includes the establishment of a Risk Management Committee and corresponding process for appeals or reviews related to disqualifications.

The updated – now current – US Club Soccer Policy Manual is available on the Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines web page, and a red-lined version showing the revisions approved on September 6 is available here.