Keeping up with the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course in Pennington, New Jersey

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Keeping up with the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course in Pennington, New Jersey

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PENNINGTON, N.J. | US Club Soccer is hosting the second-ever LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course, Aug. 11-13, as it brings the advanced stage of the coaching education series to the Northeast.

Last month, the first Level 2 course was hosted by NorCal Premier Soccer on the West Coast. Coaches who complete Level 2 are eligible to take Level 1 courses in Spain, which will be announced at a later date.

Sunday, Aug. 13:

The final day of this LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course is a half day with two back-to-back field sessions beginning at 8 a.m. before the “coaching intervention in training” classroom session concludes the course.

With about 40 coaches in attendance this weekend, the total number of coaches who have now completed both Level 3 and Level 2 courses has now reached more than 150.

A full recap of the course will be available soon. Join the conversation on social media by using the Players First-hashtag #P1soccer.

Saturday, Aug. 12:

The second day of activities opens with a field session emphasizing individualized training. The rest of the day alternates between classroom and field sessions. As witnessed yesterday, the LaLiga clinicians – Gari Fullaondo, Hugo Blanco and Zun Fullaondo – are able to offer more personalized assistance during the Level 2 course than was available in Level 3. Breakout sessions occur regularly, as attendees are able to immediately put into practice the methodological principles they’re learning.

Friday, Aug. 11:

The LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course begins as a full day of activities with check-in beginning at 8 a.m. at The Pennington School. Of the six sessions on Friday, five are held in the classroom:

  1. Why LaLiga and methodological introduction (classroom)
  2. Methodological criteria for designing a training and performance mode (classroom)
  3. Management of the methodological and sports area of the club; planning the training process in the initiation and performance stages (classroom)
  4. The implementation of the Kimet Planning application in the methodological and management structure of the club (classroom)
  5. Design and analysis of tasks in the warm up, cool down and movement training (field)
  6. The creation of the training model, and its planning and training process (classroom)

It’s a mix of review from Level 3 – which for most attendees, occurred about a year ago – and new principles being applied.