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PCA P1 content - 2017-01-17 - Kristine Lilly screenshot - website
17 Jan
Kristine Lilly to recruits: Take care of your own business

Kristine Lilly, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and former USWNT captain who holds the record for international caps (352), encourages high school athletes who are being recruited for collegiate play to not get caught up on the recruiting trail. Instead, focus on the aspects...

PCA P1 content - 2016-11-10 - Charlie Slagle screenshot - website
10 Nov
Positive Coaching Alliance: What to ask your kid on the ride home

The interactions between parents and their children during the car ride home can encounter a variety of emotions. Charlie Slagle, CEO for Tampa Bay United and President Elect of the NSCAA, encourages parents not to comment on coaching decisions and similar - potentially divisive -...

PCA P1 content - 2016-09-27 - Jack Bowen screenshot - website
27 Sep
Positive Coaching Alliance: Is flopping ethical?

Always a source of debate, Jack Bowen - a past Double-Goal Coach® award winner - discusses the morality of flopping. Bowen is an author, water polo coach and philosophy teacher at Menlo School in California....