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Positive Coaching Alliance

PCA P1 content - 2017-05-09 - Joy Fawcett screenshot - website
09 May
Positive Coaching Alliance: Parents, let the coaches coach

Joy Fawcett - a former U.S. Soccer women's national team star, two-time World Cup champion and three-time Olympic medalist - has been referred to as the "ultimate soccer mom" for raising a family during her playing career....

PCA P1 content - 2016-01-20 - Claudio Reyna screenshot - website
11 Apr
Claudio Reyna: When is the right age to specialize in soccer?

Claudio Reyna, a Positive Coaching Alliance National Advisory Board Member and former U.S. Soccer men’s national team captain, weighed in on an often-discussed subject in youth soccer: when to specialize and take a child's soccer playing to a more serious level....

PCA P1 content - 2017-01-17 - Kristine Lilly screenshot - website
17 Jan
Kristine Lilly to recruits: Take care of your own business

Kristine Lilly, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and former USWNT captain who holds the record for international caps (352), encourages high school athletes who are being recruited for collegiate play to not get caught up on the recruiting trail. Instead, focus on the aspects...