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PCA P1 content - 2017-01-17 - Kristine Lilly screenshot - website
24 May
Kristine Lilly on why youth athletes should play multiple sports

Kristine Lilly, a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance National Advisory Board and former USWNT team captain, advocates for kids playing multiple sports. While year-round participation in a single sport can lead to burnout and over-coaching, playing multiple sports keeps things fun for kids....

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09 May
Positive Coaching Alliance: Parents, let the coaches coach

Joy Fawcett - a former U.S. Soccer women's national team star, two-time World Cup champion and three-time Olympic medalist - has been referred to as the "ultimate soccer mom" for raising a family during her playing career....

PCA P1 content - 2016-01-20 - Claudio Reyna screenshot - website
11 Apr
Claudio Reyna: When is the right age to specialize in soccer?

Claudio Reyna, a Positive Coaching Alliance National Advisory Board Member and former U.S. Soccer men’s national team captain, weighed in on an often-discussed subject in youth soccer: when to specialize and take a child's soccer playing to a more serious level....