Preparing for the 2017-18 registration year:

(NOTE – June 30, 2017: Please review this Member Update for important information and reminders.)

The aforementioned notes about US Club Soccer’s Player Health and Safety initiatives, as well as the birth-year registration mandate, all apply for next season.

  • As of July 1, registrars may request passcards for the new season.
  • Registrars: if your team will be playing in the current season through July (Ex. NPL Finals in mid-July or the National Cup XVI Finals in late-July), please do not request renewals until after your season is complete. Renewing before your season is complete will cause dual registration and holds on staff passcard requests.
  • Basic registration steps:
    • Add all teams and affiliate the team(s) with the league/competition playing, if applicable.
    • Assign staff to each team at the team level using the drop-down menu or Teams > View All Teams.
    • Add players to each team, using the players’ full legal names on POB and upload documents.
    • Request Registration/Card for each player/staff to be processed by US Club Soccer. Administrators review every uploaded POB.
    • Monitor Cards > Previous Requests for User Response Required/Messages from US Club Soccer.
  • The US Club Soccer administrative team is hosting webinars to help clubs best navigate the US Club Soccer registration platform. Sign up for an upcoming webinar here.

Please read more information about new background screening payment options and the staff tracking list via this July 10, 2017 Member Update.


You’re encouraged to review this recording of a July 6, 2017 webinar to help answer any questions you might have in a step-by-step format.

  • Reminders about membership status:
    • Competitive registration is not complete until passcard requests have been approved and processed by US Club Soccer administrators. Then, the official roster and passcards (with expiration dates) can be printed.
    • Rec registration is not complete until payment is received and the official roster is approved and confirmed by US Club Soccer administrators via email.
  • A new way to add and move players between teams is now available. Click here for details on this feature.
  • Player releases: Users, with permission, are able to remove players from a team and release players from a club/organization entirely. We urge you to review players each season and release those no longer with your club/organization, as this will expedite player approvals and maximize the auto-renewal of players.
    • NOTE: Moving a player to “Open” status is not releasing the player from your organization.
    • At the team level, Player tab, clicking “X” removes the player from the team only. You will also remove the player from the team when clicking “X” on the official roster. Note you are deleting the player from the team but not releasing the player from the club at this level.
    • Registrars, or anyone with full permissions at the organization level, are the only ones who can release players from the club.
      • At the organization level, Player tab, clicking “X” releases the player from the organization.
  • Adult player registration: Due to proof of birth marked as a required field, please upload the Adult player registration form (R002-A) for players over age 17 in place of a POB. If entering players 17 and under to an adult team you must upload their POB and Adult player registration registration form (R002-A) signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Passcard auto-renewals: Functionality was implemented that allows for the automatic approval of player passcard renewal requests that meet certain requirements. These passcard requests will be approved almost instantly, as additional processing by US Club Soccer administrative staff is not required. New players and all staff requested approval will be delayed until Admin completes processing POB’s or background checks.
  • LOGIN: Registrars cannot give out one log-in credential for parents or staff to enter player/staff information. Each staff member needs his or her own granted access into the system. Visit the KYCK Help section to learn more about the specific functionality of each Staff Permission. At this time, parents are not allowed to register their own child via KYCK. Everyone that logs into should be doing so with their own secure login username and password. If you have issues logging in, visit this page for guidance.
  • Proof of birth and player/staff photos: Proof of birth files must be saved as .jpg or .pdf format and under 2 MB in size. Photos must be saved as .jpg and under 2 MB in size. If necessary, rotate photos before uploading. Two free tools you may wish to use are Editor by or Snipping Tool (for PC users).
    • For the card to be considered valid, it is a requirement to have a photo prior to lamination.
    • To clarify, photos are required for players and staff; proof of birth is required for players.
    • The cropping tool has been added to the player’s profile page and Add New Player/Staff. At this time, the tool will allow cropping but not rotation of a photo. Right-click on a player’s name to open the profile page in a new tab.

Manage your club/organization for 2016-17 registration year:

  • On August 1, all teams and players in US Club Soccer’s registration platform (formerly known as KYCK Play) were “aged up” by one year for the 2016-17 registration year.
  • US Club Soccer announced two Player Health and Safety initiatives for registered staff members:
    • Sideline Sports Doc online course: Effective July 1, all coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete the course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years). The confirmation number you receive upon course completion must be entered into the background screening application in order to proceed. [For more info: Staff Registration web page. To take the course:]
    • Background screening: US Club Soccer substantially increased its background screening standard and transitioned the application and process to the SporteEngine platform. [Background Screening Application | Background Screening web page]

International Clearance Process:

  • International Clearance Process – Note that it is the responsibility of each US Club member to abide by the U.S. Soccer and FIFA rules on foreign-born players. US Club Soccer Player Rule 102 (e) states as follows:
    • (e) International Player Clearances: Any foreign-born player must receive clearance from the United States Soccer Federation (“U.S. Soccer”) to register with an affiliated club in the United States, in accordance with then-current FIFA and U.S. Soccer rules and regulations, prior to participation.  U.S. Soccer’s process and applicable forms can be found here.
    • If a player arrives in the U.S. prior to his/her 10th birthday, he/she can be very easily cleared via the “Prior to 10 Process” from U.S. Soccer.
    • For refugee players that have arrived in the U.S. after their 10th birthday, please review this FIFA document, which outlines the documentation needed for both accompanied and unaccompanied refugees to obtain clearance.
    • The key component to getting refugees cleared is having proof of their refugee status. An individual’s refugee status is traditionally evidenced by a stamp found on the Homeland Security document they have been issued, which can then be used in place of a POB.
  • It is the club’s responsibility to discuss with parents/legal guardians and obtain clearance.
  • Clubs should know this also pertains to U.S.-born players if their parents’/legal guardian’s work transferred the family to another country for an extended time period. If the child played soccer in that country, they will need clearance to play again when they move back to the U.S.


Request for Certificate of Insurance (#C012) – multiple | single
If you are in need of a Certificate of Insurance for your club or a facility you are utilizing, please complete and return to your regional administrator. Allow a minimum of three business days for processing. Certificates of insurance are valid for a calendar year, and can be issued for the upcoming year beginning in late December.


If you need to contact us, please consolidate your concerns into one email to the appropriate individual, as this will allow us to better track your needs and respond most efficiently.