Background Screening Policies

Below are some key US Club Soccer policies relating to background screening and risk management appeals. For more information or the full policies, please review Section 13 (Risk Management) of US Club Soccer’s Policy Manual.

Background Screening Determinations:

Per US Club Soccer Policy 13.02, US Club Soccer will, in its absolute and sole discretion, make a determination of eligible or disqualified for each individual who completes US Club Soccer’s background screening, as follows:

  • Eligible:  An individual has met the criteria necessary for registration with US Club Soccer or participation in US Club Soccer programming. (Please note that in the SportsEngine platform, the term “Passed” or “Cleared” may be used.)
  • Disqualified:  An individual has not met the criteria necessary for registration with US Club Soccer or participation in US Club Soccer programming, and as such, is prohibited from doing so. Unless specified otherwise by US Club Soccer, the disqualified individual may reapply for registration or participation with US Club Soccer for the subsequent registration year. Depending on the circumstances, US Club Soccer may, at its sole discretion, extend the period of disqualification. (Please note that in the SportsEngine platform, the term “Failed” may be used.)

Notification of disqualified individuals shall be submitted to the U.S. Soccer Federation in accordance with its Bylaw 212 (Reporting Risk Management Disqualification) and its Policy 601-10 (Recognition of Risk Management Actions).

Disqualification of Individuals:

Per US Club Soccer Policy 13.03 –

  • US Club Soccer may deny registration to and disqualify any individual, or deny Membership to or otherwise discipline any Club which continues to employ or utilize any individual who either fails to comply with the these registration procedures, falsifies information, completes an application on behalf of another, or as a result of risk management procedures is determined by US Club Soccer to be unfit to continue in his current position, and is thereby disqualified.
  • US Club Soccer may use any information and its absolute discretion in determining disqualification, but at a minimum such information may include, without limitation, the following offenses:  any felony, gross misdemeanors, violation of these guidelines, or driving offenses, including loss of license, reckless driving, impaired driving, or a DUI.
  • Any person accused of a sexual offense, an offense against a minor, or an offense involving physical violence may be asked to resign voluntarily or may be disqualified by US Club Soccer until the matter is resolved. Regardless of criminal or civil guilt in the alleged abuse, the continued presence of the person could be detrimental to the reputation of the Organization and could be harmful to the participants. A person who is accused but later cleared of charges may apply to be reinstated within the Organization.
  • In addition, an individual’s actions may give rise to a suspension instead of a disqualification under the Organization’s Disciplinary Procedures.

Risk Management Appeals:

Per US Club Soccer Policy 13.07, individuals who have been disqualified from registration or participation with US Club Soccer may appeal the determination to the US Club Soccer Risk Management Committee within 15 calendar days of such determination by submitting a letter indicating such appeal, along with supporting material, to:

Attn Risk Management Committee
US Club Soccer
192 East Bay Street, Suite 301
Charleston, SC  29401

The information submitted, or otherwise available and relevant, will be shared with the members of the Risk Management Committee, All reasonable efforts will be made by US Club Soccer to protect the identity of the individual in question. The Risk Management Committee shall then determine next steps, and ultimately render a final decision.