FIFA/U.S. Soccer Registration Mandates

Below are updates and reminders regarding the forthcoming FIFA and U.S. Soccer Federation registration mandates that take effect in conjunction with US Club Soccer’s 2018-19 registration year, which begins July 1, 2018.

Overview / ReminderThe new fields that must be collected for all players before registration is processed are:

  • Country of birth
  • Country(ies) of citizenship
  • Has the player ever registered and participated in soccer activities outside of the U.S. with a foreign team?

These new fields are in addition to the data currently collected through US Club Soccer’s registration process.

How this information will be used: This information will be used by FIFA and the U.S. Soccer Federation primarily for the purposes of assigning and maintaining unique player identification numbers, and for complying with FIFA international clearance requirements.

Effective dateThese requirements are effective as of US Club Soccer’s 2018-19 registration year, which begins July 1. More specifically, understanding the FIFA deadline of August 1, the U.S. Soccer Federation has mandated compliance in conjunction with the start of each Member Organization’s 2018-19 registration year or August 1, whichever comes first. In US Club Soccer’s case, that is July 1.

ApplicabilityThese requirements apply to all players – recreational, competitive and adult – registering through any U.S. Soccer Federation Member Organization (ex: US Club Soccer, AYSO, US Youth Soccer state associations, etc.).

Action items:  In an effort to be proactive ahead of the busy summer registration season, US Club Soccer is encouraging registrars and club administrators to collect this information now. Doing so will help prevent unnecessary delays in requesting and processing 2018-19 registrations.

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