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US Club Soccer member update 4 - website
03 Mar
Member Update: Registration platform unified login

The first incremental step requiring action by users will take effect Monday, March 6. This step involves simply connecting your existing KYCK Play account with a SportsEngine account in order to add more security and work towards a simplified interface....

US Club Soccer member update 4 - website
12 Jan
Member Update: Registration platform update

On October 1, 2017, we will transition US Club Soccer registration from KYCK Play to an enhanced platform with SportsEngine technology. We determined this timeframe makes the most sense in order to allow ample time for engineering, testing, user training and to avoid deployment ahead...

US Club Soccer member update 2 - website
10 Aug
Member Update: Registration tips, reminders and updates

The registration year is in full swing, and your US Club Soccer administrative team has provided the following tips, reminders and updates in order to help ensure registration proceeds as efficiently as possible....