Updates re: new website & registration platform, KYCK Play

Updates re: new website & registration platform, KYCK Play



  1. Click “Login” at the top right of any Web page on USClubSoccer.org
  2. Enter your current US Club Soccer credentials.
  3. The first time you log in, you will be sent an auto-generated email from [email protected] You must click the link included in the email in order to confirm your account. Please check your junk/spam folder if the email does not appear in your inbox.
  4. Select your current organization to manage.

All of the data previously existing in your account should be available in the new platform.


“Registrar’s Email Not Found:”

  1. Instead of clicking “Login,” go to “Create an Account”
  2. Use your current email address and password
  3. Check your email for instructions

“Other Staff – Email Not Found:”

  1. If this message appears, check with your registrar to update your current email address
  2. Once your address is updated, check your email for instructions

Error Notice:

  • If you get an error notice, click on “Forgot Password” and check your email for instructions.

If you still cannot log in, check with the club registrar first to make sure the organization is active before emailing [email protected].

Proof of Birth and Player Photos:

  • Please ensure file are .jpg or .pdf format and under 3 MB in size. If necessary, crop before uploading. A cropping tool for KYCK Play is in the works. If you receive an error when attempting to print passcards, it may be because your organizational logo’s file size is too large.

Instructions to find, leave messages:

The following tips are designed to help you: 1) find a message from a US Club Soccer administrator, and 2) leave a message for an administrator on a player or staff passcard request.

  1. Go to the “Cards” tab where the order was placed (organization, season or team level).
  2. Click on “View previous requests for cards.”
  3. Click on “View” for any status: “user response received,” “user response required,” “in progress” or “submitted” to find and/or leave a message on a player or staff passcard requested and not approved.
  4. Click “View” under “Messages” to read or leave a message for an administrator about a player or staff passcard request.
  5. Type your message and click “Create Message” icon to submit.

Contact information and Procedure:


  • Please consolidate your concerns into one email to the appropriate individual.
  • In the subject line of your email, briefly outline your need. Examples include: Website Issue, Release Approval, Insurance Certificate, Player Loan, Weekend Cards, etc.

We are currently working through a backlog of inquiries, and your adherence to this procedure will allow us to better track your needs and respond most efficiently.


For technical assistance, please email [email protected].

For administrative or registration assistance, please contact your respective US Club Soccer administrator. This includes passcards, background checks, insurance, player releases/loans and other registration-related matters.

For competition, programming or membership assistance, please email your respective US Club Soccer membership services representative.


Posted March 21, 2014

Dear US Club Soccer member:

As you may know, US Club Soccer has redesigned USClubSoccer.org and launched a new registration platform, KYCK Play.

We understand that the transition has caused issues, inconveniences and frustration. We sincerely apologize for this and are appreciative of the personal time you have spent becoming familiar with the new platform.

We are certain, though, that the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term issues.

The primary goals and rationale of transitioning to the new platform are to:

  • Increase data security (of personal and confidential information, etc.)
  • Aggregate formerly disparate functions into one platform
  • Improve data integrity and consolidate into one database
  • Provide easy access to non-US Club Soccer-specific registration functions, such as parent/player-to-club registration (coming soon)

It’s important to address the primary reason we launched the new platform when we did – with development still in progress: The code in which our previous registration platform was written had become outdated, and the feedback we received from several resources was that we faced security issues that needed to be addressed without delay.

Now that the new platform has launched, security is much improved. Bug fixes and core development are continuing, and additional development and features are in the pipeline. The platform will continue to be updated, and as that occurs, we are confident that this new platform will help your organization operate more efficiently.

US Club Soccer believes in embracing innovative technology as part of our mission to foster the growth and development of club soccer programs. This was the case when we launched one of the soccer industry’s first online registration systems 12 years ago. We believe this proactive approach differentiates us and enables us to better serve our members.

We know there is work to be done in the interim, though, and we’re committed to helping you through this transition.

The information and links above will help you become comfortable with the new platform and address issues you may be facing. We ask that you please review this information before taking any action.

Your US Club Soccer administrators and membership services representatives are also available to work through issues or delays you may be experiencing. As such, if you need to contact us, please follow the procedure listed in the “Contact Information and Procedure” section above. Please consolidate your concerns into one email to the appropriate individual, as this will allow us to better track your needs and respond most efficiently.

As always, thank you for your support of US Club Soccer.