SoccerPrep, US Club Soccer partner to help parents, players navigate college planning process

SoccerPrep, US Club Soccer partner to help parents, players navigate college planning process

SoccerPrep in Players First | Offer page

US Club Soccer and SoccerPrep have partnered to provide US Club Soccer member parents and players with special access to the SoccerPrep Athletic & Academic Development platform at a discounted price.

SoccerPrep is now the exclusive college planning and college test prep partner of US Club Soccer, and immediately joins the growing list of Players First partners to advance the founding pillars of Player Development and Parent Engagement & Education.

The platform can be used by prospective student-athletes, as well as those high school students that will not pursue an athletic career in college. In addition to world-class test preparation tools, the platform also replicates the college admissions decision process and reveals how students measure up against a college’s current freshman class in key categories that go beyond GPA and test scores.

SoccerPrep provides early feedback on the financial implications of the college selection process through a comprehensive merit aid database, as well as realistic financial aid projections based upon a family’s financial circumstances and the aid programs of the colleges searched. The digital platform allows access to the program from anywhere in the country – a valuable benefit for youth players traveling frequently.

Each SoccerPrep account provides 12 months access to:

  • SAT and ACT Test Preparation powered by the premier online provider ePrep
  • College admissions and financial guidance provided by Betterton College Planning, an online tool created in partnership with Don Betterton, Princeton’s former director of financial aid and member of the Admissions Committee (as well as assistant soccer coach under Bob Bradley)
  • An online academic and athletic profile providing a simple and well-organized way to approach college coaches
  • A general college recruitment resource guide

US Club Soccer members receive all of the aforementioned features for the discounted rate of $135 per athlete, as opposed to the standard retail rate of $499 per athlete. To take advantage of this offering, please visit this page or ask for it through your club.

“Finding the right fit for prospective student athletes and their families can be challenging,” US Club Soccer CEO Kevin Payne said. “SoccerPrep will be a powerful resource for them, and we’re proud to share it with our members.”

“We are excited to partner with US Club Soccer,” SoccerPrep co-founder John Dziadzio said. “SoccerPrep empowers all students and their families to take control of the college search process, while also providing the tools necessary to navigate the recruiting process.”


SoccerPrep is part of the AthletePrep LLC family of products focused on providing best-in-class digital test prep and college planning tools to all students and their families. From the highest recruited athlete to those that have no intention of pursuing their chosen sport beyond high school, SoccerPrep’s services are critically important to helping all student-athletes navigate the “college search process” and find the college that is a the right fit for them.


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