Member Update: Registrar information for 2016-17 registration year

Member Update: Registrar information for 2016-17 registration year

June 20, 2016


Dear member,

The new registration year is quickly approaching, and US Club Soccer wants to provide you with information and updates to keep your team’s focus where it should be: on the field.

Please review the information below, and we encourage you to monitor the Registration section of for the latest updates.

  • All new passcard requests for the 2016-17 registration year (Aug. 1, 2016 to July 31, 2017) should be made on or after July 1. This also includes the renewal of players and staff, which will continue to be streamlined as an automatic process in many situations.
  • On August 1, all teams and players in KYCK Play will be “aged up” by one year for the 2016-17 registration year. As such, any teams added in the month of June or July for the 2016-17 season should have the appropriate age group for the current 2015-16 season.
  • Sideline Sports Doc online course: Effective July 1, all coaches and staff members registering with US Club Soccer must complete the course each time a background check is required (approximately every two years). The confirmation number you receive upon course completion must be entered into the background screening application in order to proceed. [For more info:  Staff Registration web page. To take the course:  com/usclubsoccer]
  • Background screening: Ahead of July 1, US Club Soccer is substantially increasing its background screening standard, and transitioning the application and process to the Sport Ngin platform. The new background screening application will be available shortly, at which time we will notify you by email.
  • US Club Soccer is hosting webinars for registrars and associated administrators of member clubs/organizations to help navigate KYCK Play, US Club Soccer’s registration platform.


  • Competitive registration is not complete until passcard requests have been approved and processed by US Club Soccer administrators. Then, the official roster and passcards (with expiration dates) can be printed.
  • Rec registration is not complete until payment is received and the official rec roster is approved and confirmed by US Club Soccer administrators via email.
  • In KYCK Play:
    • Every team name must be unique and cannot be the same name as the organization/club name.
    • Team staff with Manage Players permission can remove players from their team, but registrars – or anyone with full permissions at the organization level – are the only ones who can remove players from their organization using the Players tab.
    • Registrars are encouraged to clean up rosters by releasing players that are no longer within their organizations. This simple task helps make data easier to manage each season.


Please contact your respective US Club Soccer administrator with questions.