Fit for 90 opens registration for new online coaching education course focused on sports science

Fit for 90 opens registration for new online coaching education course focused on sports science

Fit For 90, a Player First partner advancing the Players First pillars of Coaching Development and Player Health & Safety, has launched a new online coaching education course, in which coaches learn the fundamentals of sports science and how to implement the physical side of the game into training.

Sports science expert and Fit for 90 founder Dr. John Cone will teach coaches how to problem solve training situations relative to the dynamics of a game. Participants will learn how to maximize team fitness and prevent injuries.

Following the completion of the course, coaches will be Fit For 90 level 1 certified. The entire cost of this course can also be applied as a credit towards the purchase of the Fit For 90 team monitoring platform for up to 12 months.

The course will cover the following topics delivered over a period of eight weeks. Each week, participants get access to 1-2 classes that are each 20-30 minutes in length. After the 8-week course, registrants will have access to each of the classes and can watch them on-demand as many times as desired. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to maximize their team’s fitness and prevent injuries.

Course Outline:

Fundamentals of sports science

  1.              Intro to periodization
  2.              Stress-adaptation response
  3.              Intensity-duration relationship
  4.              Readiness-training load relationship

How to develop your training model

  1.              Game dynamics as the foundation for training
  2.              Planning from micro to macro

Optimizing your training activities

  1.              Physical demands decision making tree
  2.              The warm-up as a key part of training
  3.              Integrating speed, acceleration, and agility
  4.              Technical and tactical decision making
  5.              Structuring the training game to maximize fitness
  6.              The cool-down isn’t an afterthought

Planning your training sessions

  1.              Athlete readiness is the starting point
  2.              Variability in training session demands

About Fit For 90:

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