Soccer Parenting Summit ‘so your child will thrive’ features US Club Soccer connections

Soccer Parenting Summit ‘so your child will thrive’ features US Club Soccer connections – an online resource providing information, guidance and expert advice to parents to help improve youth soccer – is hosting its Soccer Parenting Summit, Dec. 2-4, featuring a strong lineup of speakers.

The summit is delivered digitally and begins Friday, Dec. 2 at 7:45 p.m. ET with a brief introduction by founder Skye Eddy Bruce. Immediately after, US Club Soccer Executive Vice President Christian Lavers will lead a session titled: “The State of Youth Soccer: The Challenges We Face and How Parents Can Be the Difference Makers.”

The following day begins at 9 a.m. ET and progresses throughout the day with eight sessions, including a 3 p.m. discussion with Kelley Pulisic titled: “Raising an Exceptional Player and How to Teach Soccer Character to Our Kids.” Pulisic is the mother of soccer phenom Christian Pulisic, who participated in the 2012 id2 National Selection International Tour to Spain.

There are 11 additional sessions scheduled for Sunday, including a 1 p.m. ET presentation by Dr. John Cone, who is the founder of Fit for 90 – a Players First partner. Cone will discuss “Understanding & Addressing the Challenges of Growth in Youth Athletes.”

For those unable to tune in online at the designated times, the sessions will be available for 24 hours for those registered with a free pass. “Sideline Pass” members have lifetime access to materials, including other benefits.

US Club Soccer launched its Players First initiative in August 2015 with the foundation of five pillars: Club Development, Player Development, Coaching Development, Player Health & Safety and Parent Engagement & Education. As such, US Club Soccer encourages its member parents to seek out resources, such as this Soccer Parenting Summit, to ultimately help our beloved sport and contribute to an environment where players are truly first.

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