Candidacy applications available for 2017 US Club Soccer Board of Directors elections

Candidacy applications available for 2017 US Club Soccer Board of Directors elections

Dear members:

Pursuant to Article IX of the US Club Soccer Bylaws, elections for positions on the organization’s Board of Directors are held annually for one of the two board seats in each of the four U.S. Soccer Federation regions.

The four Board members from each U.S. Soccer Federation region elected in 2017 will serve two-year terms, commencing on the date immediately after which a winner is determined for a given Board seat. Accordingly, the Board seats up for election in 2017 are:

  • Region 1:  Mike Cullina
  • Region 2:  Mike Sweeney
  • Region 3:  George Fotopoulos
  • Region 4:  Tom Atencio

Please read below for Board member qualifications and other important information. IIf you meet these qualifications and are interested in running for a Board seat, please complete this Board of Directors Candidacy Form and email [email protected]

  1. Who is Eligible to be a Board Member?
    US Club Soccer Bylaw Article IX (1)(a) states that: “To qualify for election to the Board, a Board member candidate must be currently associated with a member club as a: director of coaching, president, or active coach, and have at least five years of experience coaching competitive youth soccer, as the term competitive is at that time defined by the Bylaws or Policies. Board member candidates must also have attained at least a U.S. Soccer Federation ‘B’ coaching license, or its international or US Club Soccer equivalent. The candidate’s club shall have registered with US Club Soccer a minimum of eight (8) teams of either gender. Only one Board member may be affiliated with the same club or league at any given time.”
  1. Declaring Candidacy:
    Anyone who is qualified pursuant to #1 above who desires to run for a Board seat shall submit his or her name to US Club Soccer on the designated Board of Directors Candidacy Form. Candidacy forms must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on January 31, 2017. After submission, we will contact you with any questions, and confirm whether you meet the qualifications for inclusion on the ballot. Qualified candidates will receive a list of clubs eligible to vote within their region and have the opportunity to submit a biography and statement to be included with the ballot.
  1. Who is Eligible to Vote?
    US Club Soccer competitive member clubs in good standing that have registered a minimum number of three teams by the ballot submission deadline (February 17, 2017) are eligible to vote. Each club shall have one vote for each Board seat within its U.S. Soccer Federation region. Adult, Associate and Affiliate Members (such as leagues, league and tournament teams, and rec and academy members) are not eligible to vote in Board elections.
  1. Ballots:
    After the candidate declaration deadline, US Club Soccer shall email to each eligible member club a ballot which includes the names of the eligible candidates from its region. Ballots shall be returned to US Club Soccer by e-mail to [email protected] no later than 11:59 p.m. ET on February 17, 2017. Ballots may be sent from the e-mail address of the club’s president, director of coaching or registrar only, and in the event of multiple emails from the same club being received, the first e-mail received will be counted.
  1. Vote Counting:
    Votes shall be counted on February 20, 2017, and the winning candidates announced thereafter, unless a run-off election is required.

Please email questions to [email protected].

Thanks for your support of US Club Soccer.


Kevin Payne, CEO
US Club Soccer