Letter from CEO Kevin Payne to parents: Player’s Health becomes Players First partner

Letter from CEO Kevin Payne to parents: Player’s Health becomes Players First partner

April 24, 2017


Dear parents,

I’m very excited to tell you about the newest Players First partner in our effort to create the safest and healthiest environment possible for every US Club Soccer player: Player’s Health, connecting parents, coaches and healthcare providers by mobilizing youth athlete health records.

Player’s Health understands that a single undiagnosed or improperly treated injury can put an athlete of any age at great risk. With real-time communication, Player’s Health puts essential health information at parents’ and coaches’ fingertips.

Player’s Health puts the responsibility for, and control of, youth athlete’s health and safety back in the hands of parents. The mobile app is HIPAA compliant and easy to use.

Many universities, schools, sports medicine clinics and clubs in a wide variety of sports are already using Player’s Health, but US Club Soccer is the first national youth soccer organization to offer the service to its members – and at a special discounted price. If you believe that your club should be using Player’s Health to manage player health records, ask your club to schedule a live demo!

The Player Health & Safety pillar of our Players First philosophy already includes best-in-class background screening and Sideline Sports Doc injury recognition training for every US Club Soccer registered coach and staff member; Fit for 90, helping coaches better integrate proper periodization into their training to minimize injury and maximize performance; and FIFA 11+, the ground-breaking “pre-hab” approach, which has proven effective in substantially reducing the likelihood of a variety of injuries.

Last summer, I told you that US Club Soccer believes Player Health & Safety to be our first and most important responsibility. We believe Player’s Health will be a revolutionary tool in helping parents, coaches and clubs keep our players safe!



Kevin J. Payne
CEO, US Club Soccer