Member Update – Revisions to US Club Soccer Policy Manual

Member Update – Revisions to US Club Soccer Policy Manual


US Club Soccer’s Board of Directors approved revisions to the Policy Manual on June 9, 2017, generally divided into four categories:

  1. Change “Organization” to “US Club Soccer” in all applicable references. This revision clarifies when US Club Soccer is referenced vs. a member club or other organization.
  2. Establish “Federation” as a defined term and only use that term when referencing the U.S. Soccer Federation. This revision makes one term consistent and aligns with how the Federation is referenced in its own policies.
  3. Policy 14.01(a) – Player Registration. This is a revision to align with the birth-year registration/competition mandate. The “Youth Player” definition on page 5 also changed accordingly.
  4. Section 13 (Risk Management). These revisions are clarifications and refinements to existing policies, as well as more specific procedures required of members for the reporting of potential risk management issues (13.04), and additional guidance on member conduct recommendations (13.05), including physical contact.

The updated – now current – US Club Soccer Policy Manual is available on the Bylaws, Policies and Guidelines web page, and a red-lined version showing the revisions approved on June 9 is available here.