Alexi Lalas: Friends developed through sports are lifelong friends

Alexi Lalas: Friends developed through sports are lifelong friends

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Over the course of his career, Alexi Lalas – a former defender on the U.S. Soccer 1994 World Cup team and 2006 inductee into the National Soccer Hall of Fame – has had a lot of teammates who have made him better throughout the course of his life. Sports allowed him to build lifelong friendships early on that still exist today. Those friendships wouldn’t exist if it were not for the shared experience of sports.

“There are two or three to this day that are my best friends,” Lalas said. “We were introduced through sports. All of these lessons and all of those experiences we had are shared… Some of my greatest teammates are my greatest friends.”

Lalas is also the first modern-era American soccer player to play in the Italian Serie A. After a MLS playing career, Lalas has served as an executive for the San Jose Earthquakes, New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy. He currently works in sports media and first started as an analyst for ESPN and ABC Sports before transitioning to FOX Sports.

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