Aztec Soccer sees positive results from use of Players First resource, the 11+ warmup program

Aztec Soccer sees positive results from use of Players First resource, the 11+ warmup program

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When a local physical therapy group introduced Aztec Soccer to the 11+ warmup program, it did not take long for the club’s boys director, Andy Branton, to realize he had discovered a valuable resource for players at every age group.

“We use it every training session and follow it exactly as intended,” said Branton. “Kids are in shape, have great coordination and balance. I believe the kids love it. They all know the routines by heart and get straight into it upon arrival.”

“Typically, all the boys come back from their high school soccer seasons beat up,” Branton added. “I found that 11+ helps the players steady the ship a little when it comes to overuse injuries and maintains their body to a level where they don’t have to sit out for a month at the start of the season.”

Holly Silvers, a developer of the 11+ program, is well aware of its use within youth clubs, such as this Massachusetts-based club.

“The 11+ is a dynamic warm-up that successfully reduces soccer-related injury and simultaneously improves player and team performance”, said Silvers. “It is extremely rewarding, from a clinical perspective, to see organizations like Aztec Soccer use a widespread implementation policy throughout their club structure. It meaningfully rewards teams by allowing athletes to stay healthy and available throughout the entire competitive season.

“I would highly recommend that clubs utilize this program. It has been scientifically vetted around the world, does not entail any cost and will improve your overall team record.”

The training program formerly known as FIFA 11+ is a 20-minute, comprehensive warm-up that consists of two exercise components: running and plyometrics/balance. It’s one of 13 Players First offerings organized by US Club Soccer to provide best-in-class resources to clubs, coaches, parents and players to help implement the Players First philosophy.

Players First is a branded, holistic club soccer experience for parents and players, which emphasizes the development of each individual to his or her full potential, and helps parents make better choices about where their children should play.


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