Keeping up with the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Keeping up with the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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TULSA, Okla. | A total of 154 coaches from 19 clubs and 11 states are attending the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course at Oral Roberts University, Jan. 12-14. Level 3 represents the introductory stage of the three-level coaching course.

Two Level 2 courses were held in 2017, and eventually, Level 1 courses will be offered in Spain.

This weekend’s course is hosted by the Oklahoma Premier Clubs, which has shown a dedication to the Coaching Development pillar of Players First. It’s the 10th course so far in the US Club Soccer/LaLiga partnership, and methodology experts Gari Fullaondo, Hugo Blanco and Zun Fullaondo will direct classroom and field sessions.

Sunday, Jan. 14:

The final day of this LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course includes a full load of activities for the 150+ coaches in attendance.

Most notably, Gari Fullaondo will demonstrate the Kimet Sport software planning tool, which is able to periodize and implement the LaLiga methodology principles into clubs. Kimet Sport, given to all attendees for a complimentary 1-year period, is used by LaLiga professional clubs.

Before a brief closing tonight, a classroom session and field session discusses “strategy training.”

More updates, including a full recap, to come. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #P1soccer.

Saturday, Jan. 13:

It’s an early start for course participants with the opening classroom session beginning at 8:30 a.m.: “Training of Qualities and Physical Qualities.” Immediately after, the field session titled “Movement and Physical Qualities” expounds on those concepts.

After lunch, LaLiga experts Gari Fullaondo and Hugo Blanco discuss how to build a methodological foundation within your club, including technical and tactical concepts. The south central region of the country remains under cold temperatures, so field sessions have been moved indoors to the Oral Roberts University volleyball court.

Friday, Jan. 12:

The 22-hour course begins Friday afternoon after check-in at noon. Then, back-to-back classroom sessions (“Development and Management of the Training Model” and “Soccer Training Structure”) and a field session (“Warm Up and Cool Down”) consist of all the activities on this half day.

Saturday and Sunday, in contrast, are full days of three classroom sessions and two field sessions each day.