Soccer Parenting Association presents ‘Effective Parent Engagement’ webinar

Soccer Parenting Association presents ‘Effective Parent Engagement’ webinar

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Soccer Parenting Association’s “5 Essential Components of an Effective Parent Engagement” webinar, which was free for US Club Soccer members, was led by Soccer Parenting Association founder Skye Eddy Bruce in late October 2017. The 45-minute discussion focused on steps parents can take to help make sure their children are developing to their highest potential, by contributing to a positive club environment and facilitating healthy relationships between parents and coaches.

ECNL President Christian Lavers opened up the webinar by touching on the critical role of Soccer Parenting Association’s Players First partnership in advancing the Parent Engagement and Education pillar, before introducing Bruce and sharing her achievements with Soccer Parenting Association. In his remarks, Lavers stated:

“We believe one of the keys to making soccer better is to help tighten the bonds between clubs and parents and help educate everybody involved as to what is the environment they should expect to have in a youth soccer club, what are the ways parents can help and assist in the development of their children, and how can we overall improve the quality of communication and the relationship between coaches and parents.”

Skye Eddy Bruce’s discussions throughout the webinar closely supported Lavers’ remarks. “When we don’t give parents a voice, or push them away,” Bruce said, “we are causing the very problems we are frustrated with.”

The webinar has been archived on the Soccer Parenting Association-dedicated Players First web page and can be accessed here. Through its Players First partnership, the association will be providing regular content to US Club Soccer members through its platform.


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