Player’s Health launches ‘Safety Needs Assessment’ to provide critical feedback to clubs about compliance, best practices

Player’s Health launches ‘Safety Needs Assessment’ to provide critical feedback to clubs about compliance, best practices

Player’s Health, a Players First partner, has introduced its Safety Needs Assessment online tool, a series of questions to help determine if your sports organization is effectively utilizing proper safety practices in sports, and potential barriers to these practices.

Designed as a complimentary resource for US Club Soccer members, the Player’s Health Safety Needs Assessment helps users better understand their various safety risks to take appropriate precautions. Player’s Health CEO and founder Tyrre Burks will give a live demonstration of the Safety Needs Assessment tool tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 16) at 2:30 p.m. ET on US Club Soccer’s Facebook page.

(UPDATE: You can view that demonstration in the video below.)

The Safety Needs Assessment uses eight sections of questions, comprised of general information, player pre-participation evaluation, education, risk management, spinal cord injury plans, concussion protocols, emergency preparedness, and musculoskeletal, to identify any possible sports safety needs within your organization.

For example, the questions in the risk management category may help a team manager realize his/her club does not have a strict or comprehensive policy for heat illness or lightning. Player’s Health then helps to provide information on how to effectively supplement these needs.

“Our goal is to make sports safer for athletes,” said Burks. “The Safety Needs Assessment lets an organization know where are we doing things right, where can we be better, and what exactly is our path to get there. It’s really the first and second steps towards sports safety.”

The Player’s Health app is also re-launching for US Club Soccer members. The platform is now free to US Club Soccer members.

US Club Soccer encourages its members to use this complimentary resource as an integral part of risk management policies and Player Health & Safety standards. In the coming weeks, US Club Soccer will release a web page dedicated to informing members of important state-by-state legislation. This Safety Needs Assessment is a critical resource for that, as well.


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