Positive Coaching Alliance: Julie Foudy on eliminating hazing

Positive Coaching Alliance: Julie Foudy on eliminating hazing

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the Development Zone of Positive Coaching Alliance. US Club Soccer is proud to welcome Positive Coaching Alliance to its members, specifically related to Players First. Positive Coaching Alliance is helping to advance the Players First pillars of Coaching EducationParent Engagement & Education and Player Health & Safety.

Julie Foudy, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist, emphasizes that a team bonding experience must happen in a positive way – not through hazing. “It has to be something we all feel comfortable about,” Foudy said.

When teammates are all happily engaged in an activity, this brings them closer together and results in a positive outcome.

Foudy also encourages players to speak up if they are uncomfortable. It’s up to individual players to stand up for themselves, and to show the strength of character needed to refuse to participate. Teams can make these decisions easier by eliminating negative team bonding rituals altogether, and by creating a culture of acceptance for different comfort levels.

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