VIDEO: Players First and LaLiga Advice present 10 basic guidelines to coaching

VIDEO: Players First and LaLiga Advice present 10 basic guidelines to coaching

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As the latest feature of its Players First partnership with LaLiga and Kimet Sport, US Club Soccer presents an instructional video: “The 10 Basic Guidelines to Coaching,” to provide new coaches with easily accessible advice on basic coaching principles.

The video stems from US Club Soccer’s LaLiga Formation Methodology offering. LaLiga and Kimet Sport have been a consistent supporter of the Players First pillars of Coaching Development, Club Development and Player Development, and continue to build upon these pillars by advising coaches to implement these 10 tips. The guidelines are delivered by the Sports Project Manager of LaLiga, Hugo Blanco, and described in depth by LaLiga’s technical and methodological advisor and Kimet Sport CEO, Gari Fullaondo, both of whom co-lead the LaLiga Formation Methodology courses and follow these philosophies in their international soccer projects.

“We need to detect and identify talented players, and we need to develop them,” Fullaondo states when addressing how to identify and develop young talent. “But never forget, we need to develop people; therefore, the most important thing is the process that we are implementing, not only the result. It’s the process. Try to enjoy it with them, try to apply the methodology, take into account their level and age, and don’t forget to have fun.”

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The video’s 10 coaching philosophies have been briefly summarized here:

  1. Be a good educator
  2. Be a model or example to follow
  3. Being an exemplary or democratic leader
  4. Respect and be respected
  5. Knowing how to motivate
  6. Being a good communicator and offering constant positive reinforcement
  7. Passion for soccer and teaching
  8. Encourage creativity
  9. Creating healthy life habits
  10. Identify and develop soccer talent

“The passion for teaching is the most important thing that we have,” added Fullaondo. “LaLiga and Kimet provide our methodology in the Kimet/LaLiga planning tool. You can take advantage of this by utilizing the tool, which will give you the knowledge of what to do in each moment with the players… You are going to be able to motivate them, and you are going to have the passion that you will to need to effectively pass all of this information on to them.”

The next LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course (introductory) will be held July 12-14 in Erie, Pa. Another Level 3 course will also be offered July 27-29 in the New England area. The following Level 2 course (advanced) will take place Aug. 3-5 in Chicago.


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