Member Update: Looking ahead to the 2018-19 registration year

Member Update: Looking ahead to the 2018-19 registration year

June 13, 2018

Dear member,

The new registration year will soon be upon us, and US Club Soccer wants to provide you with information and updates to keep your team’s focus where it should be: on the field.

Please review the information below, and we also encourage you to monitor the Registration section of for the latest updates.


  • Registrations/passcards requested and approved on or after July 1, 2018 will expire as follows:
    • Players:  July 31, 2019
    • Competitive staff:  July 31, 2020
    • Rec staff:  July 31, 2019
  • On August 1, all teams in US Club Soccer’s registration platform, powered by SportsEngine, will be “aged up” by one year for the 2018-19 registration year. As such, any teams added in June or July for the 2018-19 registration year should use the age group for the current 2017-18 registration year. Please also remember to update applicable team names if they include an age group that is not birth year (ex: Team 16-U Gold).
  • If your team will be playing as part of the current (2017-18) registration year through July (for example, at the ENPL, NPL or National Cup Finals), do not request passcard renewals until after your season is complete. Renewing before your season is complete may cause dual-registration issues and holds on staff passcard requests. If you will attend another event through July, please verify with the host whether 2017-18 (vs. 2018-19) passcards and rosters are required to be used.
  • Visit the Registration Platform & Webinars web page to sign up for a registration platform tutorial webinar, view the tutorial video, or read more tips and information.


  • Current US Club Soccer staff registration is required of all individuals coaching, managing or working with US Club Soccer-registered youth players. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, all coaches, assistant coaches, and managers assigned to a team with youth players, regardless of whether they are volunteers or paid staff. Those not registered are not allowed to participate with US Club Soccer-registered youth players, nor are they covered by US Club Soccer insurance. Clubs/organizations whose members are not in compliance with this requirement are subject to disciplinary action.
  • The steps to complete staff registration are detailed on the Staff Registration web page. As a reminder, SafeSport online training is being added as a requirement beginning with the 2018-19 registration year.
  • The 2018-19 background screening application is available here.


  • The steps to complete player registration are outlined on the Player Registration web page.
  • Please note the FIFA/U.S. Soccer Federation Player Registration Initiatives section of that page. In a change from previous communications, players will be eligible to participate once US Club Soccer approves the passcard/registration. It will not be necessary to wait for completion of the FIFA/U.S. Soccer NDC process.
  • The following fields are currently required as part of US Club Soccer’s player registration process: name (as displayed on the proof of birth), address (of a parent if player is a minor), email address (of a parent if player is a minor), date of birth, phone number and gender. These are in addition to any ITC fields that may be required by the U.S. Soccer Federation.


  • Every team name must be unique and cannot be the same name as the organization/club name.
  • Registrars are encouraged to clean up rosters by releasing players that are no longer within their organizations.
  • Team staff with Manage Players permission can only remove players from their team. This puts the player in the open player pool; it does not release the player from the club/organization. Those with Manage Players permission at the organization level are the only ones who can actually release players from the club/organization, using the Players tab.
  • SportsEngine has been preparing for the 2018-19 registration season while simultaneously working behind-the-scenes on the overall US Club Soccer National Registration System transition. Additional updates will be forthcoming.


Please contact your respective US Club Soccer regional administrator with questions.