Positive Coaching Alliance: Tips for coaching your own child

Positive Coaching Alliance: Tips for coaching your own child

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the Development Zone of Positive Coaching Alliance. US Club Soccer is proud to welcome Positive Coaching Alliance to its members, specifically related to Players First. Positive Coaching Alliance is helping to advance the Players First pillars of Coaching EducationParent Engagement & Education and Player Health & Safety.

The founder and CEO of Positive Coaching Alliance, Jim Thompson, discusses the great joy that can be derived from coaching your own child, as well as the significant difficulty in finding a balance between executing the roles of parent and coach.

Thompson says that it is important to ask your child how they feel about you coaching them before you commit to the responsibility. Kids are frequently very excited about the idea of a parent-coach, but if they are hesitant, then the parent should re-evaluate the position.

When a parent is coaching his or her child, it is essential they treat his or her kid equally to all others on the team. Coaches should wear the “coach hat” at practice and games; however, it is crucial that they also remove the “coach hat” and become just a parent again outside of matches and practices. 

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