Keeping up with the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course in Elmhurst, Illinois

Keeping up with the LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course in Elmhurst, Illinois

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ELMHURST, Ill. | The third-ever LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course was held Aug. 3-5 at Elmhurst College. It was hosted by Sockers FC Chicago, marking the second time in three years the club has hosted LaLiga Formation Methodology.

Level 2 represents the advanced stage of the coaching series, inspired by Players First. Just last weekend, US Club Soccer hosted a Level 3 – introductory stage – course in Massachusetts, and some of those coaches have traveled to this event to immediately continue their education. Technically and tactically, LaLiga methodology experts advance their message, and the Kimet Sport software becomes even more important.

Kimet Sport, also a Players First partner, is the software for design, control, evaluation and periodization of training sessions used by LaLiga academies. Every participating course receives a complimentary one-year license to the product.

Friday, Aug. 3:

The first day was a busy one, beginning at 8:30 a.m. CT with a brief introduction by LaLiga Sport Manager Hugo Blanco. After that, LaLiga Methodological Advisor Gari Fullaondo took over, leading the way with classroom sessions and a field session in the afternoon.

Saturday, Aug. 4:

Saturday is another full day for participants, but it has a balanced ratio of three classroom sessions and three field sessions. Demo players are generously provided by the host club, Sockers FC Chicago.

Sunday, Aug. 5:

Sunday is the final day of the course, and it’s a half day. When the course officially concludes, these coaches – about 45 of them – will join limited company of people eligible for Level 1.

The Level 1 structure is being finalized by LaLiga and US Club Soccer, and more details will be announced soon.