Fit for 90: Here are the essentials for preseason planning

Fit for 90: Here are the essentials for preseason planning

Dr. John Cone, founder and CEO of Fit for 90, shares essential preseason planning tips in a special video that is available on demand.  “Every preseason is unique,” Cone said, because “every team is unique.”

This webinar is useful not only to those teams that have had a short offseason with most of their players remaining in high fitness levels, but it’s also valuable to the teams with players that have had longer periods of offseason and need more time to return to high fitness levels.

“(This will) give you the building blocks, and the autonomy, to optimize your preseason,” Cone said. Please visit this web page to receive the webinar on demand.

Cone is a leading expert in soccer-specific sports science, player development, injury prevention and return to play from injury. He has delivered over 100 seasons of periodization to pro, college and youth teams.

Beyond Fit For 90, John is the lead sports science educator for USSF where he has driven the integration of sports science since 2013. John is the former Director of Sports Science for the Portland Timbers, and Assistant Coach for Sporting KC and has experience working at every level of the game, as both a coach and sports scientist. In addition to these prominent roles, John is a regular speaker and educator in managing return to play from injury at athletic training conferences, adjunct faculty researcher, and graduate school lecturer.

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