Video: Fit For 90 presents webinar “Navigating, Managing, & Surviving the Youth Soccer Tournament/Showcase”

Video: Fit For 90 presents webinar “Navigating, Managing, & Surviving the Youth Soccer Tournament/Showcase”

As part of Player Health & Safety Week of the Players First club licensing countdown, Players First partner, Fit For 90 has released a webinar version of the presentation that CEO and Founder John Cone delivered during the Girls NPL Finals, this summer in Colorado. Cone’s presentation, “Navigating, Managing, & Surviving the Youth Soccer Tournament/Showcase,” was open to players, coaches, and parents and discussed recovery for youth players during events that stretch multiple days. 

In the webinar, Cone shares anecdotal experiences and insight garnered through his extensive resume and addresses, the additive effects and demands of cumulative games, 2) strategies and things you need to consider in preparing the team, 3) how to navigate the ‘weekend’ from managing the roster to recovery modalities – what is most important when, 4) using the weekend to develop your team’s fitness is all about how you re-build.

“Optimizing performance and injury resistance during tournament weekends is both challenging and fundamental to team and individual success,” Cone said. “Understanding how to optimize recovery between matches, what to prioritize in your schedule is a challenge for every coach and player.”

John Cone is a leading expert in soccer-specific sports science, player development, injury prevention and return to play from injury. As the founder and CEO of Fit For 90 he has delivered over 100 seasons of periodization to pro, college and youth teams, and along with his co-founders is the inventor of Fit For 90 monitoring solutions. 

Beyond Fit For 90, John is the lead sports science educator for USSF where he has driven the integration of sports science since 2013. John is the former Director of Sports Science for the Portland Timbers, and Assistant Coach for Sporting KC and has experience working at every level of the game, as both a coach and sports scientist. In addition to these prominent roles, John is a regular speaker and educator in managing return to play from injury at athletic training conferences, adjunct faculty researcher, and graduate school lecturer. 


Youth soccer injuries are far too common and 70 percent are non-contact or overuse injuries, which can be prevented. Fit For 90 set out to change that with a science driven technology to prevent injuries and improve performance by tracking player readiness, muscle soreness, and training loads. Their team monitoring platform is designed to alert coaching staff to the athletes at highest risk for injury and is used by the U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team, NWSL, MLS teams and thousands of college and youth athletes.


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