Sportgo Lite: Training Tips – Capitalizing when attacking with numbers

Sportgo Lite: Training Tips – Capitalizing when attacking with numbers

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The following instructions are the first Sportgo Lite training tips as part of its Players First partnership with US Club Soccer. Sportgo Lite is a completely free platform featuring hundreds of skill videos, animated drills and weekly practice plans.

When attacking with numbers it’s important to learn to take advantage of their opportunities. These odd-man chances don’t happen often, so it’s best to make the most of them.

This Sportgo Lite tutorial on 2 vs 1 Attacks will demonstrate the ideal formation for both attackers to exploit their defender and find the back of the net.

Watch 2 vs 1 Attacks

Forcing the defender to make a choice, either charge the ball carrier or play the pass, can be done by using the space provided on the field. Once the defender has committed, it’s now up to you to quickly read the situation and continue the attack.

Put your 2 vs. 1 knowledge to the test with the “Create a 2 vs. 1” drill. Split the field in two with a defender assigned to each half. The two attackers must pass the ball when crossing the halfway line and then try to score on the net.

The defender must stay on their half until the attackers approach them. If the defender gets the ball, they can score by passing through the attacker’s starting gate.

Watch Create a 2 vs 1 Animated Drill

The Attacking as a Team session plan is available for download or to attach to your team’s next training session. Check it out below.

Check out the entire Attacking as Team Session Plan on Sportgo Lite

The next Sportgo Lite training tip on improving ball control will be released soon.

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