Vision, Mission, Core



US Club Soccer will be the finest soccer organization in America and an integral part of U.S. National Team success.


US Club Soccer will foster the growth and development of soccer clubs throughout the United States to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages in every club.


  • Soccer clubs are the foundation on which American soccer will maximize growth and long-term success on the field.
  • Every US Club Soccer program will be measured on its contribution toward improved player development and growth of the game.
  • The key to player development is coaching development – better coaches develop better players, and better clubs develop better coaches.
  • US Club Soccer promotes a holistic approach to the player and parent experience, with best in class resources available to promote club, coach, and player education and development, and player health and welfare.
  • US Club Soccer will work with clubs to develop programs which appeal to adult players, competitive and recreational, and will encourage lifelong relationships between players and the game, and players and their clubs.
  • US Club Soccer will encourage collaboration and cooperation between clubs in developing programs and promoting the best interests of players and the game.
  • US Club Soccer will act in a fiscally responsible and businesslike manner in everything it does.
  • US Club Soccer will be a loyal and responsive member of U.S. Soccer and will always endeavor to maintain positive working relationships with all of its fellow members.