We recognize that different parts of our country have been affected to varying degrees the impact of COVID-19. Therefore, effective May 18, 2020, US Club Soccer lifted its national suspension of activities and delegated return-to-play decision making to our members.

To be clear, this decision by no means is a blanket permission to return to play. For activities to be sanctioned with the normal US Club Soccer-provided insurance coverage in effect, members returning to play must be in compliance with requirements/mandates established by the applicable local and state public health authorities. If members are not in compliance, the activities are unsanctioned and US Club Soccer-provided insurance coverage is not in effect.

Beyond the requirements/mandates, US Club Soccer also encourages members to follow optional guidelines or recommendations established by local and state public health authorities, to the extent applicable and possible. Members are always expected to err on the side of caution in health and safety matters.



To assist our members, we have prepared some FAQs. Please understand that these FAQs are not intended to be legal advice or a determination by an insurance provider as to whether coverage applies in any specific situation. Given how quickly the situation is changing with COVID-19, the information contained in these FAQs is subject to change without notice. Additionally, as circumstances vary depending on where members are located and due to changing circumstances. we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information for similar circumstances.

Q: Is US Club Soccer able to provide a definitive answer as to whether a specific activity (ex: training, games, participation in a tournament in a different state or municipality, etc.) is, or is not, compliant with the applicable local and state public health authorities?

No. Primarily, it is the role and expertise of local and state public health authorities to make this determination. Also, as a national organization, it’s not possible for US Club Soccer to be knowledgeable of, or be able to monitor, the various and changing requirements of the thousands of public health authorities throughout the country. For these reasons, we recommend that member organizations seek answers directly from the applicable public health authorities (at the local and state level), and/or consult with legal counsel licensed in the member organization’s jurisdiction.

Q: For an activity that takes place in a different municipality or state than the member/member organization resides or is based, which local and state public health requirements and orders are applicable?

Members/member organizations are responsible to ensure they understand and comply with the requirements and orders of local and state public health authorities applicable to their activities. This means that a member/member organization must comply with the rules and orders of the locality(ies) and state(s): (1) in which the member/member organization resides/is based; (2) where the activity is held; and (3) through which the member may travel while the member is in that locality or state.

Q: What if the applicable local and state public health authorities have conflicting requirements/orders?

In this situation, US Club Soccer encourages members to consult with their local and state public health authorities and legal counsel.

We recognize that does not answer the specific question of whether an activity is sanctioned by US Club Soccer and therefore covered by US Club Soccer-provided insurance. However, given the unique circumstances of each claim and the particular issues that may exist between local and state authorities, our insurance provider cannot provide a blanket determination. Our understanding after discussions with US Club Soccer’s insurance provider is that the insurance provider would take into consideration whether the member/member organization acted reasonably in such a situation.

Q: How does this impact US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournaments?

When US Club Soccer approves a tournament sanctioning application, it means that the tournament complies with applicable US Club Soccer rules and policies. US Club Soccer does not review local or state public health requirements. Any US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament remains subject to the tournament host’s compliance with applicable requirements/orders issued by local and state public health authorities. If the requirements/orders issued by public health authorities change so that the tournament cannot be held in a manner that complies with such requirements/orders, the tournament will be deemed unsanctioned even if it was previously approved by US Club Soccer. Tournament hosts are expected to become familiar with the applicable requirements/orders issued by local and state public health authorities and participating teams are responsible for their compliance with such requirements/orders.

Q: Where can I find more information about US Club Soccer’s insurance coverage provided to members?