Four questions to ask your next tournament venue (via Go4)

  1. How many AEDs do you have onsite?
  • An automated external defibrillator is used when a person is experiencing cardiac arrest. In these emergencies, athletic trainers need to operate the AED within 2 minutes of the cardiac event for the best chance of saving a life. If the venue does not have an AED (or multiple AEDs), you will need to bring your own, and verify that it is in good working order before the event starts.
  1. Is there a weather monitoring system in place?
  • The dreaded weather emergencies–even mentioning potential bad weather amounts to congratulating a pitcher during the 6th inning of a perfect game. However, weather monitoring systems are your friends! Instead of relying on WeatherBug to guess incoming storms or the WBGT, a good weather system allows you to plan accordingly and prevents the need for last-minute cancellations. No more counting seconds between the flash and crash.
  1. Is there accessible water and ice?
  • This seems like a simple one, but it is also a time and money saver for the event operator! With hundreds of players and spectators in attendance, make sure there is quick and easy access for teams to fill coolers and reusable bottles. Shuffling in and out of the concession stand for 12 fields worth of water 4x a day will become a full-time job.
  1. Is there private WiFi for just the staff?
  • You need to communicate–whether that is updating scores, emailing referees and coaches, or sending out a weather delay, your team needs reliable access to WiFi that will not be bogged down by hundreds of visitors.
  • As a backup, keep a hotspot available for your team!

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted by our partner, Go4, in an ongoing series of health and safety-related posts.


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