GotSport restored & related updates

Feb. 27, 2023


Dear members,

As you may be aware, GotSport has been restored and is now fully functional. Now, as we resume registration, we would like to share a few updates.

Compliance with temporary registration measures:
Pursuant to the temporary registration measures initiated during the outage, in order for players and staff to be retroactively registered and insured as of the GotSport outage, please remember to purchase registrations and submit outstanding requirements in GotSport by March 3, 2023.

Preparation for increased volume:
US Club Soccer staff is prepared to accommodate an influx of registration verifications and related processes. Additionally, Seasonal Membership Administrators are on standby in case further assistance is needed.

Looking ahead:
Please know that we have been and remain in regular communication with GotSport, which is conducting a post-mortem on the issue. An initial message from GotSport addressing the issue is available here, and additional information will be forthcoming once the post-mortem is complete. As part of that, we will meet with GotSport to better understand what happened and what is being done to remedy the risk of a similar issue moving forward.


Thank you for your time, understanding and patience. We look forward to serving your registration needs as expeditiously as possible.


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