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This page provides information about the categories of US Club Soccer membership as well as instructions on how to join. The following categories and situations are addressed:

  • Club membership
  • League team membership
  • Rec membership
  • Academy membership
  • Tournament team membership
  • Sanctioning your league

A more complete definition of these categories can be found in the US Club Soccer Policy Manual.

Before submitting an application to join via one of the links below, please first  discuss with your General Manager to confirm the appropriate type of membership. Also, please check with your club administrator(s) to determine whether an account for your club or team already exists in US Club Soccer’s registration platform. If your team is part of a US Club Soccer member club, a US Club Soccer account has already been established. In this case, your club administrator(s) should provide you with access to the registration platform or coordinate your team’s registration. If you are unsure who that is, or whether your club has an established US Club Soccer account, please contact your General Manager.


Any soccer club conducting programs for teams in at least three age groups is eligible to become a member of US Club Soccer, and must register a minimum of three teams on an annual basis. This category is available for youth and adults.


Youth or adult teams that are not part of a club, or whose club is not a member of US Club Soccer, may also join through a league that has been sanctioned by US Club Soccer. In this case, only the teams that participate in the league are registered with US Club Soccer, even if that is just one team.

League teams have the same opportunities as club members but cannot vote or have a representative serve on the Board of Directors. If three or more teams from the same club will be playing in a US Club Soccer-sanctioned league, your club should join as a full club member. Please note that this application is only for the purpose of registering your players and staff. You may need to apply to the league separately for membership.


US Club Soccer offers recreational (“rec”) membership to youth clubs, leagues or programs that are primarily in-house or intramural in nature. Rec programs benefit from easy registration and a reduced registration fee in addition to US Club Soccer’s philosophy of eliminating red tape and over-regulation. Rec programs may be part of an existing (competitive) club, or they may be an entirely separate stand-alone league or program. Passcards are not issued as travel is not expected. In all other respects, rec programs have the same rights as all other US Club Soccer members, including insurance coverage and tournament sanctioning. Proof of birth is checked at the club or league level, and medical consent and waiver forms, while required, are also retained at the local level.


This is a very limited category primarily focused on training soccer players or other organizations. Soccer academies that are not a soccer club may join as a non-voting affiliate member by registering a minimum of 50 players annually. See Section 3.04 (Affiliate Members) of the US Club Soccer Policies for a more complete definition of academies. While the general focus should be on player training, academies may field teams and attend events with their US Club Soccer passcards. They may dual register US Club Soccer players with the permission of the player’s club, as long as the player’s primary affiliation is with their club.


This includes youth teams that are not part of a club, or whose club is not a member of US Club Soccer, who want to participate in a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament or a US Club Soccer state championship competition. When joining as a tournament team, you receive US Club Soccer passcards that are valid for the entire registration year.


To join as a league:
Click here for information and an application to sanction your youth competitive league, rec program or adult league with US Club Soccer.

Not sure which category above you fall into?
Contact your respective General Manager.