Champions from all four National Cup XXII Regionals advance to the National Cup XXII Finals, as well as qualifying state cups throughout the country. Click below for an up-to-date tracker of qualified teams.


Game schedules will be published 7-10 days prior to the tournament kickoff. Please check back closer to the event.

In advance of the tournament, all participating teams must submit their rosters by Tuesday, July 11 at 6 p.m. MT. Please refer to the “National Cup Policies” section below for instructions.


  • Teams will play one game per day. Teams are guaranteed three group play games. 
  • Group play (games may start as early as 8 a.m.)
    • Boys: July 15, 16, 17
    • Girls: July 18, 19, 20
  • Semifinals (if a semifinal round is not required for a division, it will be a day off)
    • Boys: July 18
    • Girls: July 21
  • Finals (will take place in the morning. Games and awards will be completed by 2 p.m. Please plan travel accordingly.)
    • Boys: July 19
    • Girls: July 22


All participating teams must submit their rosters by Tuesday, July 11 at 6 p.m. MT. Please reference the official “Roster & Check-In Instructions” for step-by-step details and procedures.

A drop fee of $1,000 will be incurred, if a team drops from the event within three weeks of the first day of competition. 

In the event that the entire tournament is cancelled prior to any games being played, teams will be refunded 75% of their registration fee. In addition, US Club Soccer has added hotel cancellation insurance for all teams booked through THS, covering up to one night of room & tax, should the tournament be cancelled.

US Club Soccer has partnered with THS to be the Exclusive Housing Provider for US Club Soccer tournaments. Please book hotel rooms utilizing the event specific hotel link provided on the website and in the event confirmation emails. Questions can be directed to THS at (888) 536-8326. 

The use of personal recording devices to record your athletes and teams at our events are permitted, but ask for your cooperation ensuring the safety of yourself and those around you. If utilizing an elevated recording device (this includes the use of high pods / anything over six feet in height) the device MUST we properly secured with weights and stabilizers. You must be courteous to those around you and not block viewing and if a tournament official asks for the device to be lowered at any time, full compliance is expected.


  • Fields will have a dotted line in which parents / spectators should sit/stand behind. If the dotted line is not visible, spectators should remain at least 3 yards from the sideline.
  • Spectators will be asked to sit on the half of the field across from the bench of the team they are supporting. No spectators are allowed behind the goals.
  • If a parent or spectator is dismissed from a game, tournament authorities have the right to ban the individual from the complex for the remainder of the tournament as well as sanction team and/or coach. We understand parents / spectators are probably traveling from a distance to be here, but if they cannot be respectful while watching the game, poor behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Under NO circumstances should a parent or spectator enter the field of play. This behavior is not acceptable. If a parent or spectator enters the field of play, the entire team may be dismissed from the tournament and the team and/or coach may face sanctions. 


We are pleased to offer practice times for teams at no charge the day before the competition begins. Practice times will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis. All practices will take place on turf fields only; no practices can take place on grass fields. 

Boys practice times can be booked on July 14 only. Girls practice times can be booked on July 17 only. Due to availability, teams are only able to book half a turf field for one-hour time blocks. Bookings start at 8 a.m. and the last time slot starts at 8 p.m. US Club Soccer does not provide balls, cones, or hydration for practice times.

Please contact Justin Peterman at jpeterman@usclubsoccer.org to inquire about availability for practice times and make sure to include: Team Name, Gender, Age Group, Contact Email and Contact Phone Number. 


College coaches: Please pre-register to attend to receive scouting information and on-site benefits. For the Girls National Cup Finals, please sign up here. For the Boys National Cup Finals, please sign up here.

Participating teams: All U-15 and older teams are required to register in ScoutingZone. Team managers, please refer to the following instructions. Team managers must be registered by June 28, and players have until the Monday before their respective kickoffs. To get started, click the link that applies to your team:

1) Teams new to ScoutingZone, click here.

2) Teams already registered with ScoutingZone, click here.

  • You must register/join the event, or your team will not be visible to colleges. 
  • Important: Please be sure to join the correct gender and event.

To learn more about ScoutingZone, watch this short video, click here. Questions? Please contact support@scoutingzone.com.


All hotel rooms for US Club Soccer events must be booked through THS, the Official Travel Partner of US Club Soccer.

Team managers, please refer to information received upon qualification for a link to book your accommodations.



As a leading provider of sports video analysis, Veo Technologies and US Club Soccer are proud to announce a partnership, which enables member clubs and teams to take advantage of Veo’s cutting-edge video recording and analysis tools.

Veo’s AI-powered cameras and software offer a level of detail and insight that was previously only available to professional teams. You can now easily capture every moment of your games and practices, and analyze your team’s performance with advanced metrics and visualizations. Veo will be on-site to film all semifinals and finals of the NPL Finals. To access exclusive member benefits and get a $200 discount on your Veo camera, please visit our partner landing page.


National Sports Photo is celebrating its 16th year covering US Club Soccer national events. Photo requests are now being accepted for the National Cup XXII Finals. The deadline for team managers and parents to register their team or athlete is July 7. Orders placed on or before June 26 receive a 15% discount. Please use coupon code “soccerden” to claim the promo. Click here to register your athlete or team. Questions may be directed to nationalsportsphoto@gmail.com or (732) 842-5100.


National Cup XXII Finals participants are encouraged to attend the Colorado Rapids vs. Houston Dynamo game on Saturday, July 15. The Colorado Rapids have extended a special rate and experience for all National Cup XXII Finals teams. 

Kickoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. MT (local). If your team would like to attend the match together, it is highly encouraged that you place one bulk order via the link below to ensure seats are next to each other. While availability remains, you can also upgrade your group outing to include one of the experiences listed below:

  • BBQ picnic: pregame picnic options start at 75 or more individuals and include a private space outside the stadium pre-match, BBQ catering and a Coke beverage.
  • Post-match player Q&A: stay after the match and hear from a Rapids player.
  • Warm-up watchers: prior to the match, your group can watch the Rapids warm up from field level.

Any of these group outings must be reserved by contacting Anna Pittman at (303) 727-3736 or by email at Anna.Pittman@TeamKSE.com.


The city of Denver looks forward to hosting National Cup XXII Finals participants in the Mile High City. While you’re in Denver, you owe it to yourself to discover the best that the city has to offer. Check out some customized itineraries, explore a few locals’ favorites and transform your time in Denver into a vacation you’ll never forget.


Please visit this link to learn more about referee information for National Cup Finals.


Questions regarding the National Cup Finals should be directed to nationalcup@usclubsoccer.org.



The National Cup is US Club Soccer’s cup-based national championship series. Qualifying U-13 through U-18/19 teams from National Cup Regionals and qualifying state cups advance to the National Cup Finals.