Player Development Program

US Club Soccer’s Player Development Programs (PDPs) are regionally based identification and developmental programs conducted within the id2 Program umbrella. PDPs are focused around the National Premier Leagues (NPL) and other top leagues in specific geographic areas.

PDP invitations are based upon objective scouting of elite clubs and leagues, combined with recommendations from top Directors of Coaching. Each PDP includes at least one training session and one internal competition. Some PDPs also include off-field educational components, as well.

id2 Program staff are on-site at PDP events to scout players for potential inclusion in id2 Training Camps, and U.S. Soccer staff may also be on-site to scout players for potential U.S. National Team inclusion as well as conduct off-the-field lectures, seminars, coaching and other related discussions.

Both the id2 Program and PDP have been granted Olympic Development Program status by the U.S. Soccer Federation and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Additionally, US Club Soccer sanctions PDPs that are hosted by major member organizations. All their PDPs are also approved as Olympic Development Program events.


  • US Club Soccer’s id2 Program staff on-site to scout national team-level players for inclusion in id2 Training Camps.
  • An opportunity to play with and against some of the area’s top players in the age group.
  • Top-level facilities and equipment, including one (1) full-size 11 vs. 11 field and referees.
  • Participation of the top players within the relevant geographic area based upon an approved scouting and recommendation process.
  • Presentation to the players from U.S. Soccer staff, technical leaders, or subject matter experts.


PDPs are operated directly by US Club Soccer or by approved hosting leagues, such as the NPL. Approval to host a PDP requires compliance with strict operational standards and procedures. US Club Soccer provides close oversight of all PDPs, and has final authority over staffing and operations of all PDP programs.

In order to be sanctioned as a PDP, the local host or premier league must submit a PDP Sanctioning Application to US Club Soccer. This application requires the local host or premier league to provide the following:

  • One (1) top-quality full-sized field.
  • Game officials and certified athletic trainers.
  • A list of technical, events, administrative and other staff members for approval.
  • Proposed schedule for approval.
  • Assistance in negotiation of a host hotel for players and staff.

If the application is approved, the local host and premier league will also need to provide:

  • A complete list of participants for approval.
  • National team-level player recommendations for the id2 Program.
  • A technical report within ten (10) days of the event using the template provided by US Club Soccer.

Leagues interested in hosting a PDP should contact US Club Soccer Event Manager Justin Peterman at