Players First Club Spotlight: Florida Hawks FC

Q: Why did Florida Hawks FC apply for Players First licensing?

Juan De Brigard, Director of Coaching: The Florida Hawks FC applied for Players First Licensing because when we researched the program, we found that the philosophical commitments required by Players First are very similar to the general philosophy of our club.

Q: What does it mean for Florida Hawks FC to now be an official Players First-licensed club?

De Brigard: To be an official Players First Club is meaningful for the Florida Hawks for a few reasons:

  1. It shows us that our general soccer project is conceived and headed in the right direction. It makes us very proud to be part of such an exclusive group of clubs around the United States.
  2. It challenges us to keep our standards of excellence in order to be allowed to remain in the program for years to come.

Q: What makes Players First licensing different from other initiatives or programs your club has participated in?

De Brigard: This is our first experience participating in this type of initiative. Moving forward we certainly will work hard not only to keep up with all requirements of Players First but also to contribute to the growth of this initiative nationwide.

Q: What would you like the parents of Florida Hawks FC to know about what this means to them?

De Brigard: We would like them to know that, through our commitment to the philosophical guidelines of the Players First license, their interest and the interest of their kids are in good hands. There is a reputable governing organization that is directly making sure that Florida Hawks FC is held accountable every step of the way.


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