Players First Club Spotlight: Mt. Rainier FC

Q: Why did Mt. Rainier FC apply for Players First licensing?

Luke Howells, Director of Coaching: US Club Soccer and Players First have given us the ability to highlight our comprehensive day-to-day decision-making. There is an ever-changing landscape in Washington state and we believe that our holistic approach to learning is just one thing we do to make sure our members become better people as well as better players. Every day our staff strives to provide follow through on the commitments we have made to our members. We believe that US Club Soccer’s Players First licensing supports us and enhances the opportunity to achieve the follow-through we desire.

Q: What does it mean for Mt. Rainier FC to now be an official Players First-licensed club?

Howells: Honestly, we are unbelievably proud to have been awarded the Players First license. We are one of six clubs in Washington state and are very excited to continue to learn and collaborate with other Players First-licensed clubs to continue to impact the youth in Washington state’s ever-growing soccer landscape.

Q: What makes Players First licensing different from other initiatives or programs your club has participated in?

Howells: The Players First initiative places us in a community with like-minded clubs that are forwarding thinking which excites us at MRFC as we are constantly wanting to question the norm. It was clear from being a part of the NPL in Washington state that US Club Soccer operated with a holistic thought process while supporting their leagues and players within. To be a part of an initiative that provides the tools to encourage growth is something that we are incredibly proud of and as US Club Soccer has shown it’s the implementation and application of the services that matter most. At MRFC we are committed to mirroring this.

Q: What would you like the parents of Mt. Rainier FC to know about what this means to them?

Howells: We have been an organization that has always put players first. We are committed to thinking holistically about the short- and long-term impact of our approach to learning and the Players First licensing signifies this. We will always exist for our players and will strive to provide an environment where optimal learning can take place.


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