Players First Club Spotlight: Rush Union Soccer

Q: Why did Rush Union Soccer apply for Players First licensing?

Neil McNab Jr., Executive Director: We applied for the licensing to show our membership and staff that we are very serious about putting the positive experience of our players at the forefront of our organization. We were looking for an avenue to show this commitment to our players in a meaningful and tangible way.

Q: What does it mean for Rush Union Soccer to now be an official Players First-licensed club?

McNab Jr.: We are very proud to be awarded the license and be among some very well-run organizations. The achievement is a great recognition of the work we have been doing and this also holds us continually accountable to maintain the high standards that have been set by US Club Soccer Players First Licensing. It is another step we have taken to show our community we are going in a very positive direction.

Q: What makes Players First licensing different from other initiatives or programs your club has participated in?

McNab Jr.: The application process covers a very broad range of items. It looks at all aspects of your organization. It is the only accreditation type process that we have seen. We also now have access to a broader array of partnership opportunities that we can leverage to continue to improve our playing, coaching, and educational environments. 

Q: What would you like the parents of Rush Union Soccer to know about what this means to them?

McNab Jr.: First, that we are proud to show them that we do put our players first, and second, we are always looking for ways to improve our organization to better serve them. We are a community-based club and rely on the collaborative efforts of our players, parents, and staff to make our organization the best version of itself.


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