Players First Club Spotlight: Soccer Chance Academy

Q: Why did Soccer Chance Academy apply for Players First licensing?

Ricky Machel, Director of Club Operations/Head of Execute Phase (High school): We have been admirers of the support and extensive network US Club Soccer provides to its member clubs, coaches, and, most importantly, its players. As we continue to strive to provide our players with the best environment possible for their individual experiences and growth we felt this was a perfect opportunity to support the foundation of work we do. 

Q: What does it mean for Soccer Chance Academy to now be an official Players First-licensed club?

Machel: It adds validity to the diligence and work our staff provides to our players, as well as the overall impact and dedication to our families. It’s a great achievement for our club to be accredited within a group of other clubs around the country that have demonstrated their commitment to Players First. 

Q: What makes Players First licensing different from other initiatives or programs your club has participated in?

Machel: This is a direct reflection of the values and ethics instilled within our club on a daily basis. To have an initiative that really is a beacon of having the players central to everything we do, plan and believe in, is truly an honor for Soccer Chance Academy. 

Q: What would you like the parents of Soccer Chance Academy to know about what this means to them?

Machel: Our parents and families are at the core of the club and everything we do. We want our families to know that this is an integral aspect of our continued commitment to providing their children with an environment that genuinely has them at the center of decisions made. This is a public demonstration of our dedication to continuing to reflect, revise and improve in good practices within the club.


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