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Special thanks to our friends at Verizon for sponsoring our Facebook Live episodes, and helping US Club Soccer present valuable information to its members, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special topic sessions supplemental to the Players First Virtual Summit, sponsored by Verizon:

Dani Marks, PlayerMaker Technical Director
Topic: How technology can enhance performance for soccer players
Wednesday, Dec. 16th at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT:

Rob Kusel, Cogeo Managing Director of Consulting Services
Topic: Fundraising Strategies & Proven Case Studies for Soccer Clubs
Thursday, Dec. 17th at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT:


Chris Clarke (Bayside FC), Corlton Simmond (Valeo F.C.) & Kim Foley (Seacoast United), New England Premiership club directors
Topic: A discussion with NEP club directors on Return to Play
Oct. 22 on Facebook

Beau Morki, Westchester Youth Soccer League Director of Coaching Education & U.S. Soccer Coaching Educator
Topic: Best Practices for Hosting U.S. Soccer Blended Courses
Oct. 15 on Facebook

David Copeland-Smith, founder of Beast Mode Soccer
Topic: Honoring the Game/”ROOTS” Part 5: Self
Oct. 1 on Facebook

id2 Girls Program Director Tricia Taliaferro and Michigan Hawks players Olivia Thomas and Hailey Baumann
Topic: Honoring the Game/”ROOTS” Part 4: Teammates
Sept. 24 on Facebook

Matt Tiano, CEO of Twin Cities Soccer Leagues
Topic: Honoring the Game/”ROOTS” Part 3: Officials
Sept. 17 on Facebook

SoccerParenting founder Skye Eddy
Topic: Honoring the Game/”ROOTS” Part 2: Opponents
Sept. 10 on Facebook

Moe Shafai, NorCal Premier Referee Assignor
Topic: Honoring the Game/”ROOTS” Part 1: Rules
Sept. 3 on Facebook

Former USWNT standout and Angel City FC investor Shannon Mac Millan and Angel City FC Head of Public Relations Stephanie Rudnick
“An Inside Perspective: Angel City FC Coming to NWSL in 2022”
Aug. 27 on Facebook

Arizona Arsenal SC Technical Director David Belfort
“How to Elevate Your Club’s Brand Through Graphic Design”
Aug. 13 on Facebook

Soccer Mindset Academy CEO Yal Bekar and former Penn State University men’s soccer coach Barry Gorman
 “The Importance of Mental Training in Youth Sports”
Aug. 6 on Facebook

ScoutingZone co-founder Tara Parker
 “The Evolution of College Recruiting During and Post-Pandemic”
July 30 on Facebook

U.S. Soccer Federation Grassroots Coach Educator Zac Crawford
Topic: “U.S. Soccer Grassroots Education and ‘Return to Educate'”
July 23 on Facebook

Positive Coaching Alliance National Partnerships & Marketing Manager Marti Reed and San Francisco Elite Academy Chief Diversity Officer Chance Daniel
“Importance of Diversity & Inclusion in Youth Sports”
July 16 on Facebook

Player’s Health founder and CEO Tyrre Burks
“Resources to Help Teams Safely Return to the Fields”
July 9 on Facebook

ISC Gunners Technical Director Eddie Henderson and Classics Elite Academy Director of Coaching Aaron Metzger
 “Parent Engagement & Education: A Review of the Players First Club Licensing Platform”
July 2 on Facebook

Florida Kraze Krush Executive Director Hue Menzies and STA Zone 1 Girls Kelly Sims
 “Staffing Structure: A Review of the Players First Club Licensing Platform”
June 26 on Facebook

NASA Tophat Academy Executive Director Dave Smith and San Francisco Elite Academy Executive Director Joe Dugan
 “Training & Competition Structure: A Review of the Players First Club Licensing Platform”
June 18 on Facebook

New York Times columnist & best-selling author Jessica Lahey
 “A Child’s Perspective of COVID-19”
June 16 on Facebook

NCFC Youth Tournaments Director Bryan Bachelderand NEFC Vice President Jason Braga
 “Player Health & Safety: A Review of the Players First Club Licensing Platform”
June 11 on Facebook

AED Superstore VP of Marketing Ray Chalom
 “A Life-Saving Decision: An AED At Your Club”
June 9 on Facebook

Sockers FC Chicago President/Technical Director David Richardson and Ohio Premier SC Boys Director of Coaching Billy Thompson
“Staff Education & Development: A Review of the Players First Club Licensing Platform”
June 4 on Facebook

Beyond Pulse Global Director of Club Development & Coach Education Tom Shields
 “Adapting Coaching Concepts for COVID-19”
June 2 on Facebook

Prince William Soccer Executive Director Mike Cullina and Davis Legacy SC Executive Director David Robertson
Topic: “Club Leadership Expertise & Development: A Review of the Players First Club Licensing Platform”
May 28 on Facebook

United Soccer Coaches CEO Lynn Berling-Manuel
 “Effective Branding: Lessons from United Soccer Coaches”
May 15 on Facebook

Northern Ireland National Team assistant coach Austin MacPhee 
 “Properly Developing the Next Generation of Soccer Players”
May 11 on Facebook

id2 director Gerry McKeown and LA Galaxy forward Cameron Dunbar
“id2 and Beyond: How to Effectively Identify & Develop Our Best Players”
May 6 on Facebook

Blackburn Rovers’ Stuart Jones (Academy Manager) and Tony Carss (Head of Coaching)
Topic: “Enhancing Coaching Philosophy & Curriculum Through Technology” co-hosted by SportSessionPlanner
May 4 on Facebook

U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Jennifer Arnold
 “Soccer and Socioeconomics: How to Make the Game More Accessible”
May 1 on Facebook

ECNL President Christian Lavers
 “Leadership During Uncertain Times”
April 29 on Facebook

PlayerMaker guest Steve Barrett
 “Understanding the Youth Athlete: Transition Between Age Groups”
April 28 on Facebook

Former USWNT players Shannon Cirovski & Shannon Mac Millan
 “Let’s Talk about Team Culture”
April 24 on Facebook

Dr. Holly Silvers-Granelli & UCLA commit Emma Egizii
 “Prevalence of ACL Injuries in Female Athletes”
April 23 on Facebook

id2 director Tricia Taliaferro and UNC defender Maycee Bell
 “id2 and Beyond: Proper Identification & Development to Launch a Career”
April 22 on Facebook

NWSL Players Association Executive Director & former Chicago Red Stars standout Brooke Elby
 “Pathway to a Career in Soccer”
April 21 on Facebook

Edina Soccer Club DOC Colette Montgomery & Ohio Travel Soccer League DOC Marcie Schwartz
 “Better Coaches = Better Players: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment”
April 20 on Facebook

Positive Coaching Alliance VP of External Relations Casey Miller
 “Social Media For Success: An Athlete’s Guide”
April 17 on Instagram

id2 directors Gerry McKeown and Tricia Taliaferro
 “How Youth Players Can Become Leaders”
April 16 on Facebook

ScoutingZone co-founder Tara Parker and Beast Mode Soccer founder David Copeland-Smith
 “Dispelling Popular Myths in College Recruiting”
April 14 on Facebook

Fit for 90 founder John Cone
 “Individual Training Suggestions”
April 10 on Facebook

TopYa!’s Chris Antoline
 “Review of the Virtual Skills Contest for P1 Clubs”
April 9 on Facebook

Nick Lusson, of P1-licensed club Sheriffs FC
 “New Coaching Role: Addressing the Psychological and Child-Safety Crisis Created by Imposed Isolation”
April 8 on Facebook

Beyond Pulse’s Michael Sup and Matt Saul
 “Smart Belts to Help Players Track Active Participation at Home”
April 7 on Facebook

Player’s Health founder Tyrre Burks 
Topic: “Let’s Review Your Club’s Risk Management Policies”
April 6 on Facebook | Presentation (.pdf)

Positive Coaching Alliance National Director of Training Ruben Nieves
 “When Coaching Crosses the Line”
April 2 on Facebook

11+ co-creators Holly Silvers-Granelli and Mario Bizzini
Topic: “Prehab at Home” and exploring the various 11+ warm-up programs (general, for kids, for referees and for goalkeepers)
March 31 on Facebook

SportSessionPlanner founder Magnus Alford 
“Get Organized in the Downtime,” plus an introduction to new features in the platform
March 24 on Facebook

Positive Coaching Alliance Executive Vice President Jason Sacks 
Topic: “
Dealing with Disappointment”
March 20 on Facebook

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 1-Spain course 
Feb. 2-11 in Madrid, Spain 

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2 course, hosted by NorCal Premier
Jan. 4-5 at Las Positas College in Livermore, CA

Players First Summit
Dec. 12-14 in Miami Lakes, FL

LaLiga Workshop, hosted by Alianza de Futbol
Sept. 28 at SilverLakes Sports Complex; Corona, CA

Facebook Live with Magnus Alford about SportSessionPlanner’s platform
Sept. 19 on Facebook

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 1 course: Aug. 2-4, 2019 in Elmhurst, Illinois
Hosted by Sockers FC Chicago

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course: July 26-28, 2019 in Dublin, Ohio
Hosted by Ohio Premier SC

Facebook Live with Dev Mishra about Sideline Sports Doc’s new “Good To Go” app
April 3 on Facebook

Beyond Pulse: Thursday, Feb. 7 on Facebook Live with Johnny Wilson and Michael Sup: “Tracking Speed Improvements for Youth Soccer Players”

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3 course: Jan. 4-6, 2019 in Northern California
Hosted by NorCal Premier

SCOUTINGZONE: Dec. 17 on Facebook Live with Brooke Kentera and Tara Parker: “Tips on how to create your top college list”

Sideline Sports Doc: Oct. 2 on Facebook Live with Dev Mishra on Player Health & Safety

LaLiga/Málaga CF: Sept. 28 on Facebook Live (English / Spanish) with Rafa Gill on “The Importance of Club Structure and Standards”

LaLiga/Celta de Vigo: Sept. 25 on Facebook Live (English / Spanish) with Eduardo Covelo Mateo and Carlos Hugo Garcia Bayon on “Creating a Club Culture and Maintaining It”

Kimet Sport: Sept. 24 on Facebook Live (English / Spanish) with Gari Fullaondo on “A Methodology Director’s Role and Importance in the Success of Developing the Club”

Beyond Pulse: Sept. 21 on Facebook Live with Michael Sup and Johnny Wilson on “The Art of Agility – Think Fast, Move Fast”

TopYa!: Sept. 12 on Facebook Live with Chris Antoline on “How to Engage Kids and Encourage Ball Work Outside of Practice”

SCOUTINGZONE: Sept. 11 on Facebook Live with Brooke Kentera and Tara Parker: “tips for student athletes: how to own your recruitment process”

Positive Coaching Alliance: Sept. 7 on Facebook Live with Jason Sacks: “one exercise to align parents and their children’s goals”

Soccer Parent Resource Center: Sept. 5 on Facebook Live with Skye Eddy Bruce on “The Importance of Parent Engagement in a Club Environment”

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2: Aug. 3-5, 2018 in Chicago
Hosted by Sockers FC Chicago

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: July 27-29, 2018 in the New England area
Hosted by US Club Soccer

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: March 16-18, 2018 in College Station, Texas
Hosted by United Soccer Clubs

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: Jan. 12-14, 2018 in Tulsa, Okla.
Hosted by Oklahoma Premier Clubs

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2: Aug. 11-13, 2017 in New Jersey
Hosted by US Club Soccer

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: Aug. 4-6, 2017 in Elmhurst, Ill.
Hosted by US Club Soccer

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 2: July 7-9, 2017 in Livermore, Calif.
Hosted by NorCal Premier Soccer

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: Feb. 3-5, 2017 in La Jolla, Calif.
Hosted by Elite Clubs National League

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: Dec. 16-18, 2016 in Carlstadt, N.J.
Hosted by US Club Soccer

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: Aug. 5-7, 2016 in Elmhurst, Ill.
Hosted by Sockers FC Chicago

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: July 29-31, 2016 in Lorton, Va.
Hosted by Virginia NPL

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: June 3-5, 2016 in Livermore, Calif.
Hosted by NorCal Premier Soccer

LaLiga Formation Methodology Level 3: March 11-13, 2016 in College Station, Texas
Hosted by United Soccer Clubs