Partners & Offerings

In an expansive, technical partnership with US Club Soccer, LaLiga provides new coaching education resources and player development opportunities to Players First clubs, coaches and players.

Club Development, Coaching Development, Player Development

Beast Mode Soccer and US Club Soccer have launched the Players First Video Training Series to encourage players to effectively train on their own.

Player Development

US Club Soccer encourages members to take advantage of the  11+ complete warm-up program as an injury prevention method.

Player Health & Safety

Fit for 90 is the Official Player Monitoring System of US Club Soccer, as it helps coaches and players optimize performance while minimizing injury risks.

Coaching Development, Player Health & Safety

Player’s Health provides essential medical information and injury reporting via a HIPAA-compliant mobile app to manage the health and care of youth athletes.

Parent Engagement & Education, Player Health & Safety

US Club Soccer encourages member coaches to take part of Positive Coaching Alliance offerings, as a way to provide a positive, character-building soccer experience for players.

Coaching Development, Parent Engagement & Education, Player Health & Safety

Beyond Pulse provides US Club Soccer members with access to affordable, wearable monitoring technology that benefits both players and coaches. With Beyond Pulse Smart Belts, coaches can effectively manage their players’ workloads by tracking heart rate, active participation and distance. 

Player Development, Coaching Development, Player Health & Safety

The Soccer Parent Resource Center – through its multiple platforms, including – will provide support, education and resources to parents of youth soccer athletes to help them excel on the field and in life.

Parent Engagement & Education provides all the tools necessary to create and manage training sessions, prepare match analysis and catalog sessions for easy reference and follow-up.

Club Development, Coaching Development

Players First members have special access to the Soccer Sphere mobile app powered by TopYa!, as a way to challenge players, coaches and parents in an interactive, digital environment.

Formally known as just TopYa! unveiled a new brand for the soccer market: Soccer Sphere, Powered by TopYa! in 2020.

Coaching Development, Player Development, Parent Engagement and Education

Sideline Sports Doc is a scalable training program, which educates coaches with products designed to improve coaches’ on-field triage of key injury situations.

Player Health & Safety

ScoutingZone increases college recruiting opportunities and provides resources to help players succeed at the next level, while ensuring proper support to parents along the way.  

Player Development, Parent Engagement & Education

Soccer Mindset Academy offers mental skills training for peak performance and mental well-being to your soccer players aged 10 and up.  

Coaching Development, Player Development, Parent Engagement & Education

Playermaker is a sports technology company revolutionizing the way soccer players use data. Its product, UNO by Playermaker, straps on to your cleats and allows you to access powerful statistics and analysis on every aspect of your game.

Player Development