Fit for 90

The Official Player Monitoring System of US Club Soccer. Prevent injuries and improve performance with science-driven technology. Fit for 90 helps advance the Players First pillars of Coaching Development and Player Health & Safety.

Seventy percent of youth soccer injuries are preventable. Fit For 90 is having an impact at all levels of the game and is used by the U.S. Women’s National Team, NWSL, MLS teams and thousands of college & youth athletes. Non-contact and overuse injuries can be prevented using science-driven technology to track player readiness, muscle soreness and training loads.

Fit For 90 is the official player monitoring system of US Club Soccer.

Team monitoring platform: Fit For 90’s team monitoring platform is used by hundreds of teams and clubs to significantly reduce injuries by alerting coaches and staff to athletes at highest risk for injury. Learn more.

Individual recovery & injury prevention application: Coming soon. Learn more about how you can manage your own recovery and prevent injuries.