Soccer Mindset Academy

Soccer Mindset Academy is the Official Mindset Education Partner of US Club Soccer and founders of the The Mindform MVP Method ™, a new and unique science-backed learning approach to mental skills training, rubber stamped by its international sport psychologist and peak performance advisor, who has worked with all levels of soccer from grassroots to soccer champions.

Easily accessible via the app and online platform, this quick, simple and highly effective mental skills training is a must for clubs, coaches, parents and players.

Soccer Mindset Academy is advancing the Players First pillars of Coaching Development, Player Development and Parent Engagement & Education.

Coaches and clubs find there is zero impact on their busy schedules, while still getting all the benefits of more engaged and committed players. The challenge offers:

  • A proactive way to improve mental wellbeing and retention among players

  • Improves the most overlooked area of a players game: mental skills training

  • Encourages players to think more strategically about improving their game

  • Provides peak mental performance techniques 

  • Helps develop more confident, focused players on and off the field

Parents find the challenge easy to access, with structured learning that only takes 5-10 minutes a day, so they can enjoy:

  • More bonding with their child over their soccer mindset

  • Not having to watch their children be so hard on themselves

  • Improved chances of their child making it to the college or professional stage 

  • Clear ways for their children to learn to overcome adversity and handle disappointment

  • Watching their children reduce stress and anxiety levels and gain more confidence and focus

  • Seeing their children reconnect with their love of the game

Note: Soccer Mindset Academy has granted access to their Mindform MVP Method ™ introductory 10-day Soccer Mindset Challenge to every US Club Soccer registered player for free.

You can find more information on the Mindform MVP Method ™ introductory 10-day Soccer Mindset Challenge by clicking here, and for exclusive club offers, please contact


Soccer Mindset Academy offers mental skills training for peak performance and mental well-being to your soccer players aged 10 and up.  The app and mobile platform have been designed to allow players to learn mental skills and psychological tools in a matter of 5-10 minutes a day. This promotes positive habit formation and mental well-being as well as quality communication between coaches, parents and players to enable the best performance outcomes for young players.


Soccer Mindset Academy believes in protecting the game one mind at a time by helping young soccer players realize their potential on and off the field. Its goal is to help 1,000,000 players realize their potential by 2021.

Soccer Mindset Academy offer – Club email to parents (.DOC)