The 11+

US Club Soccer encourages clubs to adopt the 11+ Injury Prevention Program. The 11+ is one component for reducing injury risk, and thereby increasing long-term potential of players.

It is a 20-minute comprehensive warm-up program designed to reduce injuries among soccer players ages 14 and older. The 11+ is used on the field without any additional equipment and consists of 15 exercises divided into three separate components:

  1. Running exercises (8 minutes) encompassing cutting, change of direction, decelerating and proper landing techniques, and strength;
  1. Plyometric and balance exercises (10 minutes) that focus on core strength, eccentric control and proprioception; and
  1. Running exercises (2 minutes) to conclude the warm-up and optimally prepare the athlete for athletic participation.

Developed by an international group of experts, the implementation of the program in men’s and women’s competitive soccer led to a significant decrease in injuries during games and training, and time loss due to injury, thus proving not only the effectiveness of the program, but that it is easily and broadly applicable.

Holly Silvers-Granelli, the co-founder of the 11+ (formerly FIFA 11+) warmup program. Holly is a current member of U.S. Soccer’s Medical Team, a member of MLS’s M-MARC (Medical Research Committee), and a member of the International Cartilage Research Society’s Rehabilitation Committee. She is also the spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association’s taskforce on ACL Prevention. In addition, she is the director of rehabilitation for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy and on Major League Baseball’s Hamstring Injury Prevention taskforce.