Through a comprehensive, long-term technical partnership, LaLiga advances the Players First pillars of Club Development, Coaching Development and Player Development.


LaLiga/Players First news

LaLiga, the world-renowned professional league in Spain featuring top clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, has entered into a long-term partnership with US Club Soccer. Introduced by Nike, the LaLiga partnership focuses on strategic development and resource support for the club, player and coach development pillars of Players First.

LaLiga provides US Club Soccer and Players First clubs with training curriculum, which helps create a better learning environment and day-to-day experience to enhance the development of all players. The partnership also features reciprocal coaching education courses and elite player training opportunities abroad, including direct involvement with US Club Soccer’s acclaimed id² Program and Player Development Program.

US Club Soccer is working with member leagues and clubs to host LaLiga Formation Methodology coaching education courses featuring top player development experts from LaLiga.

The courses kicked off in spring 2016 with Introductory (Level 3 in the U.S.), before progressing to Advanced (Level 2 in the U.S.). Eventually, Expert (Level 1 in Spain with Spanish academies) courses will be available. To date, there have been seven Level 3 and two Level 2 courses, reaching nearly 1,000 coaches from about 350 clubs and organizations throughout the country.

This marks the first time LaLiga has invested significant resources in U.S. youth soccer development.

Fernando Sanz, General Director of LaLiga Middle East and North Africa, is overseeing LaLiga’s global resources for its long-term relationship with US Club Soccer

LaLiga methodology experts Gari Fullaondo, Hugo Blanco and Zunbeltz Fullaondo lead LaLiga Formation Methodology courses.