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US Club Soccer hosts and facilitates U.S. Soccer coach education courses, including grassroots, D and C courses. Coaches are encouraged to search within the U.S. Soccer Learning Center for US Club Soccer-hosted courses by clicking on host and selecting US Club Soccer. Please note that in order to be eligible to register for any grassroots course, all candidates must complete this free, 20-minute Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module.

'C' Courses in 2023:


Location / Host Org


January 9 to April 24

Norco, CA; hosted by SOCAL


February 6 to May 29

Tampa Bay, FL; hosted by Tampa Bay United SC

February 13 to May 29

Roseville, CA; hosted by NorCal Premier

February 28 to June 28

Saint Paul, MN; hosted by TCSL

April 24 to August 6

Brooklyn, NY

Coming soon

May 1 to August 14

Carlsbad, CA; hosted by SOCAL

Coming soon

July 6 to October 17

Clinton, MS; hosted by Brilla Juniors

Coming soon

Summer 2023 / All female course

Location TBA; hosted by NorCal Premier

Coming soon

Grassroots and 'D' Courses:

U.S. Soccer offers grassroots courses as follows:

The ‘D’ license course: The national ‘D’ license is an online and in-person course that has an online experience and either one or two in-person meetings.

The goals of the course are to help coaches understand how to:

  • Create game-like training sessions that encourage players’ ownership (decision-making)
  • Create a game-day environment that encourages players’ ownership (decision-making)

The learning objectives are to facilitate coach improvement in the “Six Tasks of a Coach” with an emphasis on developing the team and individual players by learning how to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of developmental stages & age characteristics
  • Observe the game, recognize formations and all player actions
  • Further develop a comprehensive understanding of Play-Practice-Play methodology
  • Organize, execute and reflect on two Play-Practice-Play training sessions based on the same goal in one week
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to inform, involve and inspire parents

NOTE: NorCal Premier hosts a robust coaching education program. For convenience, those in the area can find the NorCal course catalog here.

Courtesy of Twin Cities Soccer Leagues
Courtesy of Twin Cities Soccer Leagues