Sanctioned Tournaments


In addition to operating competitions, such as NPL events, the National Cup and state championship events, US Club Soccer also offers sanctioning for tournaments hosted by its member organizations.

This tournament sanctioning program allows both US Club Soccer teams and also those registered with other U.S. Soccer affiliates the ability to participate in competitions. Travel permissions are not required for US Club Soccer members, and supplemental insurance is available to tournament hosts to cover all participating teams.

Important updates have been made to the sanctioned tournament hosting application and terms. Pursuant to the U.S. Soccer player safety campaign, any tournament projected to have 64 or more teams at U-11 and older age groups must have an adequate number of certified athletic trainers or other healthcare providers in attendance.


  • Both US Club Soccer teams and teams registered with other U.S. Soccer Federation affiliates may participate in any unrestricted US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament.
  • The tournament may establish its own roster and competition rules, which need to be approved by US Club Soccer. In all tournaments, we strongly encourage that players be allowed to “play up” in age group.
  • Loan rules to allow players to play on teams from other clubs for the purposes of tournament participation are encouraged, but will be reviewed as part of the tournament’s proposed competition rules, and ultimately are for the tournament host to decide.
  • Liability and medical insurance coverage is included for the host organization as well as all US Club Soccer teams and participants. Tournament hosts may also obtain insurance coverage for all participating teams directly from US Club Soccer’s insurance carrier. This simplifies attendance for teams, especially if a number of non-US Club Soccer teams are not able to obtain insurance from their U.S. Soccer Organization Member.


For information about sanctioning your tournament with US Club Soccer or other competition matters, contact your respective General Manager.