Attending a Tournament

US Club Soccer members attending a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament:

US Club Soccer member teams are free to travel to any “open/unrestricted” tournament (as nearly all are) sanctioned by a U.S. Soccer Federation affiliate member. Most tournaments are “unrestricted,” which means that it is open to all U.S. Soccer member teams.

Your US Club Soccer insurance coverage applies in all cases. If you need a letter to take to a non-US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament confirming you are a US Club Soccer member and have insurance coverage, download a copy of form #C011 (Membership Confirmation Memo) from the Members Area.


Under U.S. Soccer Federation Policy 601-7 (Competition Participation), you may not be denied the right to attend an “open/unrestricted” tournament (as nearly all are) sanctioned by a U.S. Soccer Federation member, other than for legitimate disciplinary reasons.

However, non-US Club Soccer teams attending a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament may be denied insurance coverage or passcard usage by their state association.

Each state association has different rules, and you may need to obtain travel permission or provide travel notice. You should clarify what will be done well in advance of the event. If your state association has denied the use of your passcards, contact the tournament host to see what form of player identification is accepted. It is suggested that you apply at the earliest possible time. If you have complied with your state association’s travel permission procedures, they are required to approve your travel.

If you are unable to obtain insurance coverage or travel permission from your state association (if required) or have been denied use of your passcards, here are your options:

    1. Determine whether the tournament host has obtained supplemental insurance covering all teams.
      This is the first step you should take. US Club Soccer offers this supplemental insurance coverage to tournament hosts, which applies only to youth tournaments, not to adult tournaments.
    2. Join US Club Soccer as a tournament team, and obtain passcards.
      If the tournament host has not obtained supplemental insurance coverage for all attending teams, those that have been accepted to a US Club Soccer-sanctioned tournament may join US Club Soccer as a tournament team. Your team will receive passcards and insurance coverage that is valid for the entire registration year. This option is not available for teams wanting to participate in the National Cup, which is open only to teams that are part of a full US Club Soccer member club.


Please contact your respective Membership Services Representative. We will assist in clarifying these matters with your state association if necessary.