Champions/Photos from National Cup XVI Mid-Atlantic Regional

Congratulations to all the winners from the National Cup XVI Mid-Atlantic Regional, held June 26-29 in Somerset, N.J. Please check back soon as the remaining championship photos are added.

12-U Boys Super Group: STA Soccer '05 NPL (N.J.) 12-U Girls Super Group: PDA Shore '05 Flash (N.J.)
13-U Boys Super Group: PDA Bergkamp (N.J.) 13-U Girls Super Group: NJ Stallions Sting (N.J.)
13-U Boys Premier Group: PDA Shore '04 (N.J.) 13-U Girls Premier Group: PDA Sting (N.J.)
14-U Boys Super Group: STA Soccer '03 NPL (N.J.) 14-U Girls Super Group: Spirit of Liverpool FC '03 Elite (Mass.)
14-U Boys Premier Group: GPS MA '03 State Elite (Mass.) 14-U Girls Premier Group: Princeton SA '03 NPL (N.J.)
15-U Boys Super Group: GPS MA '02 NPL (Mass.) 15-U Girls Super Group: STA Morris United NPL '02 (N.J.)
15-U Boys Premier Group: Greater Flemington SC Juventus '02 (N.J.) 15-U Girls Premier Group: Manhattan SC '02 Galaxy (N.Y.)
16-U Boys Super Group: Wall SC Cosmos (N.J.) 16-U Girls Super Group: FC Copa Academy '01 Black (N.J.)
16-U Boys Premier Group: Liverpool FC NPL '01 (Mass.) 16-U Girls Premier Group: SJEB Rush '01 NPL (N.J.)
17-U Boys Super Group: Cedar Stars Academy Newark '00 Green (N.J.) 17-U Girls Super Group: NJ Stallions Stampede NPL (N.J.)
17-U Boys Premier Group: GPS MA '00 State Elite (Mass.) 17-U Girls Premier Group: Union SC Crimson Tide (N.J.)
18/19-U Boys Super Group: Lake Grove Newfield SC Rampage (N.Y.) 18/19-U Girls Super Group: Mount Laurel United SC Magic (N.J.)
18/19-U Boys Premier Group: Eastern FC Spurs '98 NPL (N.Y.) 18/19-U Girls Premier Group: