Champions/photos from National Cup XIII West Regional

Congratulations to all the winners from the National Cup XIII West Regional. Please click the photos below to enlarge each picture.

U-11 Boys Super Group: Modesto Ajax (Calif.) U-11 Girls Super Group: San Juan Spirits (Calif.)
U-11 Boys Premier Group: Lamorinda SC (Calif.) U-11 Girls Premier Group: Barcelona Bay Area Academy (Calif.)
U-12 Boys Super Group: Palo Alto SC (Calif.) U-12 Girls Super Group: Davis SC (Calif.)
U-12 Boys Premier Group: Briceno SC (Calif.) U-12 Girls Premier Group: Central Marin SC (Calif.)
U-13 Boys Super Group: Atletico Santa Rosa Barcelona (Calif.) U-13 Girls Super Group: Davis SC (Calif.)
U-13 Boys Premier Group: Mountain View Los Altos SC (Calif.) U-13 Girls Premier Group: Capital Athletic SA (Calif.)
U-14 Boys Super Group: Santa Rosa United (Calif.) U-14 Girls Super Group: California Magic SC (Calif.)
U-14 Boys Premier Group: Spartans FC (Calif.) U-14 Girls Premier Group: Sparta United SC (Utah)
U-15 Boys Super Group: Sacramento United Reds (Calif.) U-15 Girls Super Group: Ajax East Bay SC (Calif.)
U-15 Boys Premier Group: Cap FC United (Calif.) U-15 Girls Premier Group: West Coast SC (Calif.)
U-16 Boys Super Group: Monarcas Academy Aztec Warriors (Calif.) U-16 Girls Super Group: CenCal Cosmos SC (Calif.)
U-16 Boys Premier Group: NorthBay Elite FC (Calif.) U-16 Girls Premier Group: Sacramento United SC Extreme (Calif.)
U-17 Boys Super Group: Mustang Inter (Calif.) U-17 Girls Super Group: Bay Oaks Botafogo (Calif.)
U-17 Boys Premier Group: Apple Valley SC Storm (Calif.) U-17 Girls Premier Group: Ajax United (Calif.)
U-19 Boys Super Group: Monterey County FC Lightning (Calif.) U-19 Girls Super Group: